Gotham: Scarecrow May Be Joining in Season 4

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A new Gotham featurette teases the arrival of Scarecrow next season and sees Selina channeling her inner supervillain. With the renewal of Gotham confirmed recently, fans can breathe a sigh of relief that the Batman prequel series will be able to continue Bruce's journey to becoming the Dark Knight. Along the way, the show will also be able to continue the evolution of the show's other characters, from anti-heroes to outright villains. Long-running rogues like Penguin and the Riddler are really starting to come into their own, but Gotham still has plenty of new characters waiting in the wings.

With DC's vast stable of comic villains, Gotham certainly has no shortage of source material to pull from. The three seasons so far have already teased a number of introductions, and the show's finale tonight will bring a few of them into the mix. We've already seen a featurette highlighting the arrival of R'as al Ghul, and he won't be alone. After a number of hints over the years, someone old or new will emerge as Harley Quinn tonight, bringing the fan-favorite character to the show and providing another hook for new audience members. Next season, however, is a whole new ballgame and could see even more classic characters debut.

DC Entertainment has posted a new video with interviews from the cast of Gotham discussing the finale and teasing season four of the series. In the clip, we see shots of Selina wielding a whip, R'as al Ghul and his Lazarus Pit, and a number of returning villains. We also get teases about the evolution of Bruce, Selina, and Nygma, plus a hint that Scarecrow may finally emerge next season.

As one of Batman's most popular foes, Scarecrow has appeared across most media involving the Dark Knight. He's been in games, animated series, and was Bruce's chief foe in Batman Begins. He's also been rumored as a villain for Matt Reeves' upcoming The Batman. For Gotham, he's one of the few mainstream villains we've yet to meet, but he has actually appeared on the show in one form.

Back in season one, a two-parter introduced us to Dr. Crane, the father of the future Scarecrow. In the episodes, there were plenty of blatant nods to the future villain and his signature fear gas, but fans were underwhelmed by the kiddie take on the evil rogue. Even now, however, the character is still pretty young, so it's hard to imagine a proper version of him arriving next season. Though Gotham has played with the ages of Bruce and Selina a bit, a full-on Scarecrow on the series would mark the villain's youngest incarnation yet.

Even without Scarecrow, Gotham still has plenty of baddies it can introduce. Star Jessica Lucas recently stated that she'd love to see Bane appear, and the existence of the Tetch Virus certainly provides the show with an opportunity to do so. Even a confirmed Joker has yet to appear, so Gotham has plenty of work still cut out for it in terms of fleshing out Bruce's future Rogues Gallery.

Gotham season 3 concludes with ‘Destiny Calling’ and ‘Heavydirtysoul’ on Monday, June 5.

Source: DC Entertainment

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