Gotham Season 4: Jerome & Poison Ivy Return In Midseason Trailer

FOX’s Gotham has been on hiatus for quite some time now, but a new midseason premiere trailer is here to get viewers all caught up. Midseason breaks are commonplace, but the Batman prequel series took more time off than usual recently, bringing the first half of season 4 to a close on December 7, 2017 and setting its return for March 1, 2018. Part of the extended hiatus is to make sure new episodes of Gotham don’t have to compete for ratings against olympic-level athletes, while another part was to give the production time enough to conjure up a compelling start to the second half of season 4.

In Gotham’s case, that means setting up a number of story lines involving Jerome, Penguin, Barbara, the Riddler, and, of course, Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. The latter two appear hell bent on becoming their comic book selves in the new trailer, with Bruce having visions of a bat-like man who speaks in a low, raspy voice, while Gordon is assuming command of the G.C.P.D. and spearheading a renewed war on crime. The rest of the trailer, like so much of Gotham, however, is given over to the real stars of the show: the villains.

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The new trailer clocks in at a whopping five minutes, which makes it the teaser Gotham needs and the re-cap it deserves. The entire video seems intent on reminding everyone just how long it’s been since new episodes have aired, but it also has plenty of confidence that the teaming of Jerome and Penguin, along with a tease of Peyton List’s Poison Ivy running amok, as well as more of Bruce and Alfred’s split, will be enough to get viewers ready to return to the brazenly over-the-top story lines of the Young Batman Show.

For his part, Jerome continues to be a point of curiosity, as his look, demeanor, and even voice seem to be screaming that he is, in fact, the Joker. A pointed cut to a Joker playing card appears to confirm this, and yet, according to series star David Mazouz, this isn’t the case. At this point, given all the teasing and the elaborate set up, the reasons behind the show’s back-and-forth on Jerome’s identity are more maddeningly inscrutable than the Joker’s own motivations. Perhaps fans will get some kind of confirmation or closure on the matter, as Mazouz indicated they will, and the show can finally jump over that last hurdle as it did with Bruce becoming a costumed vigilante.

That last bit was once the series’ sacred vessel, with some in the production claiming the image of Bruce suiting up would be the show’s last. And while technically Bruce hasn’t donned the actual Batman costume, the suit he’s currently galavanting around Gotham’s gritty streets in is close enough. So with Bruce on the verge of becoming the Caped Crusader and Jerome all but (but not really?) the Joker, Gotham is closer than it’s ever been to bringing Batman to television.

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Gotham season 4 returns with ‘Pieces of a Broken Mirror’ on Thursday, March 1 @8pm on FOX.

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