Gotham Season 4 Teaser Arrives From Comic-Con #SDCC

A new trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Gotham has arrived, teasing the rise of Batman, Catwoman, Scarecrow, and more. Over the past three seasons, Gotham has not only slowly been bringing us closer to the point where Bruce Wayne will become Batman, but it's also shown us the origins of many classic DC villains. While some have come and gone, the Riddler, Penguin, and even a proto-Joker have had a significant impact on the series. Meanwhile, younger characters like Selina and Ivy have slowly come into their own as future rogues.

Season 3's finale pushed the characters forward even more, with Bruce watching over his city and Selina learning to wield a whip. While we await the premiere of the new season in two months, we've slowly been teased with more character evolution to come. Evoking the last shot of the finale, the new poster for season 4 of Gotham puts more of a spotlight on Bruce and his ascension as the future Dark Knight. Meanwhile, we've heard Jonathan Crane will be back after a long absence and he'll be fully embracing his Scarecrow persona. Now, a new a trailer for the upcoming season teases those arcs and more.

Warner Bros. TV has put together a sizzle reel for Gotham which they premiered at San Diego Comic-Con. You can catch up on the show in the video above or skip to the 4:20 mark for the start of the season 4 teaser. Aside from Bruce looking a bit more grown-up and chaos continuing to run rampant in Gotham, we also see a few returning faces. There's Zsasz, Tabitha, Penguin, and, most excitingly, a fully costumed, fear-gas-wielding Scarecrow.

The big reveal at the end hints that the young Scarecrow will be a major antagonist this season. While Gordon has mostly been fighting Batman's future foes, the inclusion of a younger villain will allow Bruce to start protecting Gotham on his own. We also see both Selina and Ivy looking more like their comic book counterparts, so Bruce's young Rogues Gallery is started to take shape.

One of the other big shockers in the trailer is a shot of what looks to be a zombie Barbara. As the sizzle reel reminds viewers, Tabitha electrocuted Barbara last season. Given that this is a comic book show, however, it looks like she'll be back and looking a lot more like Harley Quinn. Sadly, there's no hint of Butch as Solomon Grundy, but we expect to see that occur as well. Butch's return could also mean a zombie showdown between he and Barbara (as Grundy and Harley) could be on the way.

Deadline is also reporting that Crystal Reed (Teen Wolf) will be joining season 4 of Gotham as Sophia Falcone. The daughter of Don Falcone and sister to the deceased Mario, Sophia will be a strong, smart crime boss who's been running her father's operation in the south of Gotham for a decade. With Penguin's empire growing, Sophia will enter the show's orbit in an effort to help Gordon take down the competition.

With just two more months before Gotham returns, we shouldn't have to wait much longer to see what else is in store this season.

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Gotham season 4 premieres Thursday, September 28 on FOX.

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