Gotham Has Visions of Batman in 'A Beautiful Darkness' Trailer

The trailer for next week's Gotham sees Poison Ivy giving Bruce a glimpse at his future as Batman. Gotham began with the idea of following the GCPD and Jim Gordon as they navigated the corruption of the city and its tendency to breed monsters. As it's grown, however, the show has embraced camp and DC Comics lore. Yesterday's midseason premiere of Gotham brought us our most fully realized Poison Ivy yet and also teased a true Riddler in the coming weeks. And amidst all of that, we saw a hint of Bruce finally accepting his destiny.

Season 4 of Gotham kicked off with Bruce in a special suit fighting crime, but his failures quickly led him down a path of debauchery and listlessness instead. But with a super-powered Poison Ivy in town, Bruce is going to get pulled back into the action. The midseason premiere trailer for Gotham from last December teased some of what fans can expect this season, and it looks like next week will bring Bruce one step closer to becoming the Dark Knight.

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FOX released the trailer for next week's Gotham, 'A Beautiful Darkness,' and we see how Poison Ivy will use her newfound abilities to influence Bruce. The two have a bit of a history, but it's not clear what Ivy's endgame is here. Regardless, Bruce looks to have a hallucination of a true Batcave and his future as Gotham's protector. With any luck, this will push him to get back on track—and hopefully get a better suit.

The other big aspect of the trailer is the return of Jerome. Though he was teased as Penguin's new roommate in the midseason finale, the premiere was noticeably missing the proto-Joker. Next week, however, he'll be back in the mix and ready for chaos. What's more, but we learned today that Jerome, Scarecrow, and Mad Hatter will team-up.

This season of Gotham has touted a rise of heroes, but we haven't seen much of that. With so many villains pulled from the page coming to the series, though, now is the perfect time for both Bruce and Gordon to start acting more like their comic counterparts. And though we don't yet know if Gotham is getting renewed, hopefully the remaining episodes this season will bring us closer to Batman on TV.

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Gotham continues next Thursday, March 8 with 'A Beautiful Darkness' on FOX.

Source: FOX

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