Gotham: Drew Powell is 'Giddy' To Play Solomon Grundy in Season 4

Gotham cast member Drew Powell talks both his anticipation to play Solomon Grundy in season 4, and his sadness over Butch's fate.

Drew Powell as Butch on Gotham

Get ready to see Solomon Grundy on the small screen. The latter half of Gotham season 3 played host to lots of big changes, including the unceremonious deaths of several regulars. One of those regulars was Butch Gilzean (Drew Powell), a high-ranking figure in Gotham's criminal underworld who had worked either with or against just about every notable villain in the city. While Butch was often frustrated by his inability to ascend to the top of the criminal pack, he at least usually occupied a second-in-command-type spot on the organized crime food chain.

While Butch did indeed meet his demise late in season 3, as did many characters on Gotham, death will not be the end for him. As revealed in the season finale, Butch was born Cyrus Gold, aka noted Batman villain Solomon Grundy. Introduced to comics way back in 1944, Solomon Grundy is an imposing brute of a villain that is usually depicted as a literal zombie, although his origin has changed a few times over the many years he’s existed.

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Powell was asked by Comic Book for his thoughts on Butch's end and Solomon's beginning, and responded with the following comments:

"Giddy like a school girl I think is probably the most accurate way to say it. I am very excited."

"Even shooting that scene with Erin [Richards] and I, it was kind of the end of the day, I remember it was raining, we kind of had to do it quickly, and so it all kind of happened so fast and it was only after that I was kind of like, ‘Oh yeah, I guess Butch is dead now.’"

"I do think there’s going to be a lot of Butch still in Grundy and I think that makes perfect sense in the way that [producer John Stephens] and the writers have set this up and so I’m really excited to kind of now bring the two together in this new character that I really love."

Of all the existing characters on Gotham, Butch definitely seems like the best fit to become Grundy, although one wonders if such a transformation was always in the creative plans. Physically, Butch certainly fits the bill of a Grundy type, regularly using his size and strength to intimidate both enemies and underlings while serving in various capacities in the Gotham underworld.

It remains to be seen just how soon into season 4 that Butch will resurrect as Grundy, but when he does, one assumes there will be hell to pay for anyone who ever crossed the monster during his previous human life. Of course, it'll be hard to get direct revenge on his killer Barbara Kean, as she's currently deceased too. Still, based on Gotham's history, it's doubtful that she stays that way for long.

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Gotham season 4 premieres September 21 on FOX.

Source: Comic Book

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