Gotham Season 4 Explores the Sirens' Origin Story

The Sirens are coming to Gotham, as season 4 of the show will chart the evolution of the female villains. DC has always been a little peculiar about which of its characters can appear on TV when another version is going to be in a movie. The Arrowverse has regularly been prevented from using key characters, even ones that they introduced first, thanks to developments in the DC Extended Universe. As such, it's been surprising to see how much leeway Gotham has when it comes to using some of the comic book publisher's most iconic characters.

Case in point, Gotham season 4 will add several more comic book villains to the mix, including Professor Pyg and Solomon Grundy (aka. the transformed Butch), that shouldn't step on the toes of any DCEU film characters. At the same time though, the ongoing evolution of Selina Kyle and Ivy Pepper is pointing to the Sirens appearing on the show well-before the DCEU Gotham City Sirens movie hits theaters. It sounds as though that could happen as soon as Gotham season 4, in fact.

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While speaking with TV Line spoke about the path that Selina will take in season 4, Gotham showrunner Danny Cannon confirmed that she and Tabitha will be a part of “building up the Sirens’ origin story”. Even more interesting, Cannon confirmed that Ivy and Barbara, last seen having been electrocuted to death, will be a part of the Sirens team.

Although it's been said that Harley Quinn won't ever appear on Gotham, Barbara certainly feels like the show's version of Harley. Season 4 will even bring her back from the dead, just like the show's Joker analogue Jerome did last season. While Barbara may never become Harley Quinn proper, she certainly exhibits a lot of the same traits as Harley and that likely won't change in season 4. It's also interesting to hear Barbara will work with Tabitha again, after the former was killed by the latter. That said, their chemistry has been one of the show's highlights, so it makes sense to bring them back together.

As for Selina, she will be learning from Tabitha how to be more powerful. Whether she will use those skills for good or evil, however, will help shape the anti-hero stance Catwoman often takes, according to Cannon:

"We’ll be watching Selina turn into a woman, but what kind of woman will she be? Vengeful and resentful, or somebody of amazing potential?”

While Catwoman's life as a thief ostensibly makes her a villain, she's often been portrayed more as being chaotic good. Likewise, Harley has taken a similar role in the world of DC Comics of late, to justify her increased presence. Where Ivy will fall is still up for debate, but she's often been presented as more of an eco-terrorist during her comic book appearances. She's not quite there yet, but the older, criminal generation of Tabs and Babs could lead way to a Selina and Ivy occupying a moral gray area on Gotham.

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Gotham season 4 premieres September 21 with ‘Pax Penguina’ on FOX.

Source: TV Line

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