Gotham Season 4: Producer Teases Selina & Butch's Villain Forms

As Bruce moves closer to becoming Batman, the fourth season of Gotham will also see a number of villains start looking more like their comic book counterparts. While incremental steps have been made to make Bruce Wayne resemble the Dark Knight over the past three seasons, Gotham has spent considerably more time fleshing out its villains. While many of them are responses to Batman in the comics, the M.O. of Gotham has been to make the various rogues a product of their city.

When season 4 of Gotham premieres at the end of September, we know Bruce will finally start taking steps towards his destiny. Set up during the finale back in May, the SDCC poster and Gotham season 4 trailer both tease Bruce's journey towards vigilantism. However, while Bruce slowly takes his place as a hero, a number of supporting characters will be on their own path towards becoming supervillains.

TV Insider spoke with Gotham executive producer John Stephens and found out a bit more about where season 4 will take characters like Selina Kyle and Butch. For the former, it looks as if the proto-Catwoman will be learning more than just how to wield a whip from Tabitha:

Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle in Gotham

“Those skills that you associate with grown-up Catwoman, we’re going to see Tabitha start teaching her at the beginning of this year.”

Likely, we'll see Selina learn to be a better thief and fighter, two things she could use some work on. As for the bullwhip, she's clearly already a natural. Meanwhile, Butch will be leaving his life as a mob enforcer behind and will be reborn as comic character Cyrus Gold aka Solomon Grundy:

“His arc next season is going to be exciting and a lot of fun. We wanted things to end in a bloody way for Butch, but we didn’t want to lose Drew because we love him…and the Cyrus Gold thing fit really well.”

While Grundy was teased during season 2 of Arrow, the version of Cyrus Gold we meet in Gotham will be much closer to the undead behemoth from the comics. As for Selina, she already looks the part of the master thief from the comics.

Catwoman and Solomon Grundy won't be the only villains from the page manifesting in season 4. We know the young Jonathan Crane will be back in full Scarecrow mode when Gotham returns. Sadly, we also learned we will never see a version of Harley Quinn on the series, despite the clues to the contrary. Still, Gotham has a vast stable of villains to pull from - and the new set of younger rogues will give Bruce some threats more his speed, while he works on becoming the hero the city needs.

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Gotham season 4 premieres September 28 on FOX.

Source: TV Insider

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