Gotham Season 4 Will Bring Scarecrow Back On 'Full Blast'

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Infamous Batman villain The Scarecrow will be returning to Gotham when the show returns for its fourth season. Fans of the show may remember that way in back in season one, a younger iteration of the character was introduced in a two-episode story that consisted of "The Fearsome Doctor Crane" and "The Scarecrow," but Gotham stopped short of showing the villain in all his glory. The mini arc ended with a young Scarecrow (real name Jonathan Crane) being injected with a fear inhibiting serum by his father. Unfortunately, the dosage was much too high and Jonathan was left in constant terror.

The landscape of Gotham has changed greatly since then. Season three saw the mysterious Court of Owls decimated and the threat of Ra's al Ghul looms large over the future of the show. To make matters worse, the city's criminal underworld is in disarray after the ongoing battle between Penguin and The Riddler and a bloody power struggle is surely imminent. Fortunately for the good people of Gotham City, a new protector is on the rise as young Master Wayne is finally on his way to becoming Batman.

And it seems that one of his first significant foes may be an older Jonathan Crane, as several cast members recently confirmed at Nashville Heroes and Villains Fan-Fest (via Comic Book) that The Scarecrow will be returning in a seemingly increased role. David Mazouz (who plays Bruce in the show) claimed: "Scarecrow comes back in season four. It's on full blast, I'm really excited!" Meanwhile, Drew Powell - better known as Butch - stated "It's super creepy too, you're gonna love it."

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It's currently not clear as to whether Scarecrow will be the primary antagonist of season four or if he'll be a featured villain like the Mad Hatter or Jerome Valeska. However, Mazouz's comments do at least suggest that the character will be seeing a more prominent role than fans saw back in the show's debut season.

Bringing back Scarecrow seems to make an awful lot of sense. After all, the show has already covered the villain's backstory and it would be foolish not to reap the benefits of that by having Jonathan Crane return in full-on baddie mode. Furthermore, Scarecrow is one of the few widely-known Batman villains not currently in-play in Gotham and Drew Powell's comments that the character would be "super creepy" do at least suggest that the show will deliver an authentic interpretation of the villain.

However, it could be argued that with the addition of Scarecrow, Gotham will have too many bad guys on the board in season four. Old favorites like Penguin, The Riddler and Tetch will surely be returning and the season three finale introduced Ra's al Ghul, Cyrus Gold and also hinted at a more villainous role for Catwoman. And let's face it, Fish Mooney will probably come back again too.

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Gotham season four premieres September 28, 2017 on Fox.

Source: Heroes & Villains Fan-Fest (via Comic Book)

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