Scarecrow Is Your Worst Nightmare In Gotham Promo

Jonathan Crane isn't here anymore... just your worst nightmare. Watch #Gotham TOMORROW at 8/7c.

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The newest promo for this week's episode of Gotham teases terror and fear when the Scarecrow finally emerges. Last year, Gotham finally began leaning into its comic book roots by bringing its characters closer and closer to the source material. With last week's premiere, we saw Oswald Cobblepot fulling owning the name Penguin, Selina and Tabitha operating as the Sirens, and Bruce Wayne prove to be a better detective than Jim Gordon. And by the episode's end, Jonathan Crane stepped out of the shadows as the Scarecrow.

This week, Gotham will position Scarecrow as the newest villain to terrorize Gotham city. And while Gordon and Penguin will both be eager to stop the rogue and restore order, Scarecrow will likely serve as the first real foe Bruce faces in his new role. Yesterday, two new images from the episode offered us our best look yet at Bruce the vigilante and the Scarecrow. Now, a new promo promises the arrival of Gotham's newest supervillain will be the stuff of nightmares.

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FOX has now released another promo for 'The Fear Reaper', this Thursday's episode of Gotham, puts the Scarecrow centerstage. Armed with his father's fear toxin and a scythe, Crane will give new meaning to fear in the streets of Gotham.

In the clip, we can see a number of people subjected to Scarecrow's toxin. Likely, major characters like Gordon and Bruce will be forced to confront their greatest fears. Given all that's happened in Gordon's life, there's really no shortage of things for him to find frightening. Bruce, meanwhile, is battling plenty of his own demons - and it wouldn't be surprising if a few bats emerged during one of his fits of terror.

There's no telling how long Scarecrow will serve as the villain this season, but Gotham rarely keeps its rogues away for long. Still, the comic book look of the character signals a shift in Gotham's tone. Like the bad guy, Bruce will begin looking more like his future self in the coming episodes. The most recent trailers for the show have provided a bit more backstory on the new suit Bruce will be wearing. We know this season will borrow elements from the Batman: Year One comic too, and part of that story will involve Bruce slowly taking on the role of Gotham's protector.

There's no telling if the season will end with him fully taking the mantle of Batman, but Gotham looks ready to bring Bruce as close as they can this season. In the meantime, he'll have plenty to content with when the Scarecrow comes to town.

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Gotham returns next Thursday with ‘A Dark Knight: The Fear Reaper’ at 8pm on FOX.

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