Gotham Season 4 Will Introduce Professor Pyg

The Gotham producers are introducing Professor Pyg to their world in season 4. It shows they're not afraid of bringing the weird and violent characters from the comics to life. And since Bruce is stepping up his vigilante game for the fourth season, the villains are only going to get worse, too. While Professor Pyg isn't one of the oldest villains in the Batman comics, he's quickly become quite notorious because of the horrific acts he carries out.

To start with, he creates his own personal army of body guards called 'Dollotrons'. They are people that Pyg has lobotomized and mutilated to do his bidding and the masks that they 'wear' are actually surgically attached to their faces. Did we mention that after Pyg is done with them, they're genderless? That's just one of the terrifying things that Professor Pyg has a love of doing.

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So if you thought that Gotham might calm down the villains they bring on just so Bruce can have some breathing room - you would be very wrong. While Gotham doesn't include Netflix-level of brutality, it isn't afraid to push boundaries every so often - and Pyg is a boundary that they're definitely going to push. Executive producer John Stephens is excited about the villain appearing on the show:

For this year we're bringing in one of my favorite newer villains. This might be the first time I'm saying this... because we're bringing in Professor Pyg this year. And I've always loved Pyg because he's just so demented and strange and gross and terrifying and funny. So, this year, I was like 'Well, our show is pretty violent and graphic, how can it get more violent and graphic?' I think Pyg is, maybe because he's a newer character, feels more current to me in some ways. He doesn't have some of the baggage of like a character from the '60s might have where you have to like revitalize in a way. Pyg you can just bring in and he scares everybody.

Since the only version of Pyg we've seen outside of the comics recently that allowed the character to be as violent as he likes was during the Batman: Arkham Knight videogame, Gotham is going to create the first live-action adaptation of the character. That definitely has to be exciting for the writers and producers, but also a little daunting, too. Since we haven't seen Professor Pyg in live-action yet, their treatment of him might be judged a little harsher than usual.

Well, after last season saw Bruce finally take up his vigilantism, season 4 sounds like it's going to introduce more reasons that Gotham needs a hero. There's no word as to how long Professor Pyg will appear on the show. But, if they're writing in a villain that's "pretty violent and disgusting," chances are they'll spread his appearances out over the course of the season.

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Gotham season 4 premieres September 28 on FOX.

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