Gotham Season 4 Casts Fringe Alum as Professor Pyg

Fringe and The Tick alum Michael Cerveris has been cast in the upcoming fourth season of Gotham as the villainous Professor Pyg.

Michael Cerveris will reunite with FOX this fall to tackle the role of the villainous Professor Pyg in the upcoming fourth season of Gotham. While most of the main villains on Gotham are big names from the comics that have been adapted multiple times, the show has also allowed for lesser-known foes to arrive and vex the GCPD. Throughout the three seasons of the show so far, rogues great and small have emerged in Gotham City, with fewer and fewer heroes to check their advances. Beginning next season, we'll see a number of new characters arrive, like Carmine Falcone's daughter. We'll also get the live-action debut of the manical Professor Pyg.

Created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert for 2007's Batman #666, Pyg is Lazlo Valnetin, a man obsessed with using surgery to 'perfect' his victims. Taking his name from the Greek story of Pygmalion who fell in love with a statue that came to life, Pyg's porcine mask hides a sinister villain underneath. We've known since July that Pyg will feature in Gotham's fourth season, but now we finally have a face to go behind the mask.

TV Line is reporting that Michael Cerveris will be joining Gotham this year as Professor Pyg. Recently appearing on The Tick and The Good Wife, Cerveris is perhaps best known for the playing September the Observer from Fringe. The FOX series dealt with plenty of body-horror and renegade science, so the transition from anti-hero to villain should be made easier for Cerveris thanks to the thematic through-line.

Along with being a prolific serial killer, Pyg is aided in his work by his Dollotrons. These are mind-controlled beings he's worked on, grafting doll masks to their face and forcing them to obey his every whim. Though not much to handle on their own, the sheer numbers Pyg commands augments their threat.

The theme of transformation will be a big one this season, not only because of Pyg. We'll see Selina morph into Catwoman, Jonathan Crane return as a fully-formed Scarecrow, and Butch will receive his origin as Solomon Grundy. And with so many new villains, we'll also finally see Bruce make his first steps towards becoming Batman. The latest teaser for the show offered us a glimpse of his first costume, which mirrors the iconic suit he may someday wear on the series. Gotham has always been a show with more villains than heroes, but it looks like things might begin to change in season 4.

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Gotham Season 4 premieres September 21st on Fox.

Source: TV Line

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