Gotham Season 4 Premiere Title Revealed

Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith in Gotham

Gotham executive producer John Stephens reveals the title for the season 4 premiere, promising a Penguin-focused episode. DC Comics content is blowing up on the current TV scene, with titles like Supergirl and The Flash drawing in outstanding ratings. But The CW isn't the only network that has heroes and villains in its ranks - Fox's Gotham has been trucking on for three seasons now, with its complex characters and intricate plots earning it a loyal following. The show follows young James Gordon and kid Bruce Wayne as the darkness of Gotham unfolds around them, revealing the origin stories for many of the Batman comics' most beloved villains.

The show enjoyed a fantastic season 3 finale earlier this week. Now that the season is a wrap, naturally, fans have eagerly begun to question what new twists season 4 will bring. When will one of the franchise's most famous antagonists make her debut? Will a new villain join the show's ranks? These questions remain up in the air, but one of the show's writers is eager to give fans a little taste of what's to come.

Writer/EP John Stephens posted a picture of the 4x01 script to his Twitter earlier today, which reveals an interesting title for the episode. According to Stephens, who penned the season premiere, the show's fourth season will begin with an episode called "Pax Penguina." Check out the tweet, complete with picture, below:

What the heck. Let's do it again. #gotham

— John Stephens (@johnrstephens) June 8, 2017

The "Penguina" here clearly refers to the iconic villain Penguin (a.k.a. Oswald Cobblepot), who enjoyed a rise in Gotham's villainous ranks at the end of season 3. Stephens has written eight episodes for the series thus far, including season 3's "Beware the Green-Eyed Monster," which explored Oswald's feelings for Riddler (a.k.a. Edward Nygma).

Though things are rocky between Ed and Oswald (icy, even...), there are still lots of Gotham fans hoping for a reunion, and this title could hint at that. "Pax," the Latin word for peace, means that some change in the tides is in store for everyone's favorite dark-haired, angsty anti-hero. If things aren't about to get better between Ed and Oswald, it could mean that Gordon and Bruce are looking to reach an accord with Penguin and his regulars at the Iceberg Lounge - but given Bruce's recent character development, that seems unlikely. This title probably references the calm before a war erupts between the Iceberg Lounge and rival The Sirens.

No matter where this title goes, it's certainly interesting enough to get our attention - and make waiting for Gotham season 4's fall debut all the more excruciating.

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Gotham returns to Fox Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST this fall. An official air date for the season 4 premiere has not yet been released.

Source: John Stephens (via Twitter)

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