Gotham Season 4 Premiere Moved Up One Week by FOX

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FOX moved the premiere date for Gotham season 4 up by one week. For awhile there, many fans wondered if season 3 would be the last they saw of Gotham. After all, ratings had notably dipped, and the network had gone far past when previous renewal announcements had been made without making a peep on the subject. Thankfully - although it would likely annoy Captain Barnes - Gotham ultimately received a stay of execution, getting picked up for a 22-episode season 4. Perhaps realizing that their time might be running short, producers have since made clear that season 4 will accelerate Bruce Wayne's evolution into Batman.

In addition to the impending arrival of Batman, season 4 will also feature the grand return of Jonathan Crane, aka The Scarecrow. Crane hasn't been seen since back in season 1, and presumably won't be in a great state of mind when he resurfaces in Gotham. "Proto-Joker" Jerome Valeska is also set to make his presence known during season 4, as will new villain Professor Pyg. Selina Kyle and Butch Gilzean are also going to continue on the road toward becoming Catwoman and Solomon Grundy.

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Awhile back, FOX announced that Gotham season 4 would premiere on Thursday, September 28. Now, TV Line reports that FOX has decided to move the premiere up by a week, to Thursday, September 21 - remaining in the same 8pm timeslot. No explanation has been offered for the scheduling change, but it's unlikely that impatient Gotham fans will complain about getting to return to their favorite fictional city one week sooner than planned.

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Moving up along with Gotham is the timeslot premiere of Seth McFarlane's new sci-fi comedy The Orville, which had been previously scheduled to follow Gotham's premiere on September 28. The Orville's actual two-night series premiere is staying put in its previously announced post-NFL timeslots on Sunday, September 10, and Sunday, September 17.

While it's anyone's guess as to why Gotham moved up a week, it's possibly due to September 28 already playing host to the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy on ABC, the big debut of NBC's Will & Grace revival, and a Thursday Night Football game on CBS. Still, that's just speculation. Either way, Gotham fans should remember to make sure their DVRs are correctly tuned, and/or mark the date on their calendar when it will now be airing.

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Gotham season 4 premieres Thursday September 21 at 8pm on FOX.

Source: TV Line

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