Gotham Season 4 Comic-Con Poster: Dawn of Young Batman

David Mazouz in Gotham

The latest poster for season 4 of Gotham continues to tease Bruce's evolution as Batman. Over the past three seasons, Gotham has slowly revealed the altered origins of some of DC's most notorious villains. All the while, a handful of heroes have been rising through the ranks of the city. Chief among them are Bruce Wayne, who's gone from an orphan to a junior detective to a young man learning to defend himself and his home.

When the show returns in the fall, it will bring with it villains like the Scarecrow and maybe even a proper version of the Joker. Along with the rouges, though, we'll also begin to see Bruce become more like the Batman. When we last saw the future hero, he had finally taken the first steps to becoming a vigilante. Though his skills and suit still need a lot of work, Gotham has finally allowed Bruce to begin his journey as the protector of his city. We've heard that next season will see the character lean hard into his eventual Dark Knight persona. Now, we have another tease regarding the change.

TV Line has debuted a new San Diego Comic-Con poster for season 4 of Gotham, focusing on Bruce and Jim Gordon. While Gordon looms large, it's Bruce standing above his city with his jacket flapping in the wind that will get fans excited. Not only is it reminiscent of a number of famous Batman shots, but the tagline 'Dawn of Night' further highlights how the show will connect to the comic book source material.

There's no telling how much longer Gotham will be on the air, so whether the writers have an endgame in mind is unclear. Certainly, Bruce is still too young and inexperienced to even become the earliest version of Batman - not to mention, David Mazouz isn't ready to fill out a Batsuit. Still, we could see the beginning stages of Bruce as a masked vigilante.

Given how many villains are running around Gotham, from the proto-Joker to Riddler to Penguin, it makes sense for the show to throw another hero into the mix. At this point, it's mostly Gordon and Bullock stemming the tide of evil, and the former usually does more harm than good. Gotham hasn't always put Bruce's journey front and center, but hopefully we'll see that begin to change in this new season. After all, if the end is near for the series then it makes sense for them to step on the gas a bit.

With DCTV bringing all of its shows to Comic-Con this weekend, we'll likely learn a lot more about Gotham. There's also a good chance we'll get a trailer for the new season along with some info on the plot and any new or returning characters we can expect to see, so stay tuned.

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Gotham season 4 premieres Thursday, September 28 on FOX.

Source: TV Line

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