Gotham Season 4 NYCC Sizzle Reel Teases Barbara's Return

Gotham season 4’s New York Comic Con 2017 sizzle reel has arrived online, after debuting at the convention over the weekend. Erin Richards’ Barbara Kean, who made a storming return in the show’s most recent episode, was something of a centerpiece in the footage.

New York Comic Con fell at an interesting time for Gotham this year. The chances of Gotham season 5 getting the green-light seem to hang in the balance, on the back of the lower ratings turnout for season 4 thus far. Meanwhile, producer Bryan Wynbrandt has been talking about Cameron Monaghan’s Jerome (who he says is “obviously not the Joker”) and Drew Powell’s Butch (who will soon be reborn as theFrankenstein-esk Solomon Grundy).

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Interestingly, for Gotham’s NYCC presentation, the powers-that-be opted to unveil very little in the way of new footage. The majority of the reel was taken up by a recap of old material: the Scarecrow rising to power, Ed being thawed out, Barbara reuniting with Tabitha, and so on. Somewhat disappointingly, only the final few seconds of the reel were spent teasing things to come.

“You’re here, finally,” intones an impressed Barbara, in the solitary new scene from this reel. She is talking to Alexander Siddig’s Ra’s al Ghul, the head of the League of Shadows. Barbara asks Ra’s about the Balahsi knife, unaware of the importance of this artifact, which has served as something of a McGuffin so far this season. Then Ra’s and Barb’s unconventional plan is revealed: to send a creepy dog man and his equally-creepy owner after the knife’s current holder, Bruce Wayne.

However, as fun as this little scene is, it’s somewhat disappointing that this is all fans got to see at Gotham’s NYCC panel, in terms of new footage. You might have thought, with the show’s recent ratings woes, that FOX would want to unveil something a bit more significant while a captive audience of con-attending fans was present.

This scene is taken from this Thursday’s episode, so it seems safe to assume that David Mazouz’s young Master Bruce will be coming under attack once again this week. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles it: with the proto-Batsuit now in play, as well as his brattish billionaire act, Bruce doesn’t really need Alfred to defend him anymore. He’s got both a secret and a public person to hide behind, after all.

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Gotham continues with 'A Dark Knight: The Demon's Head' on Thursday, October 12th on FOX.

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