Gotham Season 4 Sets Official March Return Date

Gotham has officially announced its midseason return date, with the first episode back putting the spotlight on Jerome. Last year, Gotham headed into its winter hiatus with the return of Jerome. Sharing a cell at Arkham with the once-again incarcerated Penguin, the tease promised a proper Jerome story once the show came back. Sure enough, the Gotham midseason premiere trailer showed plenty of Jerome chaos alongside his new bestie the Penguin. It also introduced Peyton List as the third incarnation of Poison Ivy - whose appearance will tie into Bruce becoming Batman.

There's no telling if the show will get renewed for season 5, but it seems safe to assume that the Disney/FOX deal will affect Gotham by keeping it alive despite the declining ratings. FOX will want to keep as much unique content as possible in case Disney decides to cancel anything, and Gotham is one of the few shows 20th Century FOX doesn't own (meaning it won't go to the House of Mouse). Regardless of what transpires, the remainder of season 4 looks to be packed with stories and characters, and it will all continue this March.

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The Gotham Twitter has announced the show's return date with a new image of Jerome, confirming the series will be back March 1. Jerome has featured heavily in the marketing for the midseason premiere, which is no surprise given his popularity. And though he may not be the Joker, he's the closest thing Gotham has so far.

Of course, we've heard the real Joker is coming to Gotham, which could go either way. Fans were already worried about the show's portrayal of the classic villain given how much they altered other rogues in the past. Luckily, Jerome proved to be more than anyone could hope for in terms of a prototypical version of the character. But if he's not the real Joker, Gotham will once again have to roll the dice to get the Clown Prince of Crime right—and they'll be doing so against a fan-favorite iteration of the character.

Gotham is well-known for reworking not only the origin of villains, but changing the characters mid-show. Ivy is getting her third incarnation and Gotham is recasting Scarecrow after just bringing back the original actor earlier this season. With so much love for Jerome, yet another attempt at adapting the Joker could backfire. For now, though, the villain will be back in Gotham and is sure to be part of what pulls Bruce back into his vigilante lifestyle. It's unknown how long the cackling criminal will stick around this time, but fans won't have to wait much longer to see his next outing on Gotham.

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Gotham season 4 returns March 1 on FOX.

Source: Gotham Twitter

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