Gotham Season 4 Set Photos Show Cameron Monaghan in Joker Makeup

Gotham Jerome Posts Faceless Joker PIcture

Cameron Monaghan is laughing all the way to the bank - as a cryptic collection of photos featuring what appears to be his character, Jerome, in proper Joker makeup have emerged from the set of Gotham season 4.

As with anything Batman-related, the Clown Prince of Crime has made his presence felt on FOX's prequel TV show. Since joining Gotham in its premiere season, Monaghan has been the presumed candidate to become the Joker - even though he has yet to be officially given that moniker. However, with both Monaghan and the show's producers claiming that Jerome is NOT the Joker, but that Jerome and the Joker's connection will be quite the surprise, the latest set photos from the show could shed some light on the situation.

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Too much has been said about Valeska not being Joker for the show to backtrack on those comments now, but Gotham Hub has now posted the following set photos - proving that Monaghan will indeed play some version of the iconic villain on the series. With a wide-brimmed fedora, that signature pale skin and those bright lips, Gotham's Joker is a cross between Mr. J from Batman: The Animated Series and Jack Nicholson's Jack Napier from Batman (1989). Either way, the Joker and his gang of followers appear to be causing trouble for the GCPD in a dramatic standoff. With a sleek and art deco style, the latest depiction of the Joker has developed even more of an eclectic fashion sense before heading over to Gotham.

If you are feeling a little stumped as to what is going on here, it's possible that Valeska has been replaced by the "real" Joker and killed off to make room at the top of Gotham's criminal empire. Those who have read the comics will know that multiple Jokers and the idea of imposters are nothing new to the character's history. There was even once a fan theory that Jared Leto's Joker wasn't the real deal in Suicide Squad, prior to that film's release.

Gotham has done a superb job of weaving nearly every Batman villain imaginable into the world of a young Jim Gordon, considering that David Mazouz's Caped Crusader is still nothing more than a "baby bat". It definitely looks like some form of the Joker will be teaming up alongside Gotham's already impressive rogues gallery this season, based on these photos. Moreover, Gotham's season 4 finale is titled 'No Man's Land' and could be an adaptation of that acclaimed 1999 comic book storyline. If so, the Joker's arrival would be fitting of such a literally earth-shattering turn of events, and would further help to set the stage for Gotham season 5 in the process.

With Joker (currently) still MIA, his arrival is the next big milestone for the show if it wants to keep its fans hooked. Promises of this "big Joker twist" seem to have been looming over Gotham for months now, so isn't it about time showrunner Bruno Heller delivers the goods? If Monaghan gets his time to shine as the Clown Prince of Crime, Gotham fans could be in a treat before the season is out.

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Gotham continues tonight with 'The Sinking Ship, The Grand Applause' on FOX.

Source: Gotham Hub

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