The Real Scarecrow Emerges in Gotham Season 4 Image [Updated]

David Mazouz in Gotham Season 4 Episode 1

A new look at Gotham's fully-costumed Scarecrow has arrived, ahead of the character's proper debut on the series. After three years of gradually adapting its comic book source material, Gotham season 4 is ready to dive head-first into the Batman mythology. One of the biggest aspects of the show's marketing for this season has been Bruce's transformation into Batman. Following years of training, Bruce took to the streets of Gotham City to dispense justice in the Gotham season 3 finale and will continue to evolve his superhero identity in season 4.

In addition to establishing the new status quo of the eponymous city, the Gotham season 4 premiere brought out the first big villain of the season. Even as Gordon and Penguin continue to butt heads throughout season 4, the Scarecrow is finally emerging after having been first hinted at a couple of seasons ago. Jonathan Crane (or whoever is under that creepy mask now) is armed and ready to terrorize Gotham City, providing Bruce with the perfect first foe to take on now that his own crime-fighting career has begun.

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The following image of Scarecrow from the next episode of Gotham season 4 (as was released online by FOX) offers a better look at the villain's costume - an outfit that mixes various aspects of the character from the comics. We can also see here that the rogue will soon be unleashing more than just his fear toxin on the unsuspecting residents of Gotham City.

True to his name, Scarecrow has frequently been armed with a scythe in his previous iterations. Gotham will mark the first time that Scarecrow uses the weapon in a live-action setting, adding more flavor and terror to the character. Over the years, Gotham has slowly become more comfortable with giving villains names and costumes. Now, Scarecrow will join the ranks of Freeze and Riddler as one of Gotham's most colorful killers.

Of course, the Scarecrow won't be the only supervillain that Bruce and Gordon will face this year. Butch will soon reemerge as Solomon Grundy and Professor Pyg will be showing up in Gotham season 4 too. Meanwhile, Selina and Ivy will continue their turns to the dark side, and Barbara will come back from the dead with a vengeance.

Along with those lesser villains, Ra's al Ghul is still lurking in the shadows (literally), waiting for his moment to strike at Bruce and Gotham City. In the end, he will probably serve as the final catalyst that pushes the young billionaire into becoming the Caped Crusader and protector of his city. Who knows, Bruce may be well on his way to taking up them mantle of the Dark Knight by the end of season 4 even.

UPDATE: FOX has also released the following photo of Bruce Wayne from the next episode of Gotham season 4:

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Gotham returns next Thursday with ‘A Dark Knight: The Fear Reaper’ at 8pm on FOX.

Source: FOX

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