Gotham Season 4 Finale Could Adapt 'No Man's Land' Storyline

Batman No Man's Land

Big trouble could be coming to the Gotham season 4 finale - as the official episode title teases an adaptation of the 'No Man's Land' comic book storyline.

For those who don't know, 'No Man's Land' is one of the biggest and most acclaimed Batman story arcs that ran through all of DC Comics in 1999. The story was a follow up to the 'Cataclysm' run, which saw much of Gotham leveled by a 7.6 earthquake - prompting the U.S. government to descend on the crime-riddled city, in an effort to restore order. 'No Man's Land' was the culmination of this narrative, with Gotham's various villains carving up their own territories while the likes of Batman and Jim Gordon struggled to rein them in.

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Comic Book reached out to execs at FOX, confirming the the Gotham season 4 finale's titles is indeed 'No Man's Land'. Sadly, the network refused to comment on what that could mean, which leaves audiences to spend the next few months speculating on what could happen in the episode. If Gotham stays true to form with a loose adaptation of the apocalyptic comic book story, expect it to quite literally change the landscape of the Gotham City and the show as it moves into season 5.

Given that the first four seasons of Gotham have introduced the good and great of Batman's rogues gallery, there are certainly enough bad guys out there to adapt a story like 'No Man's Land'. Also, don't forget that Cameron Monaghan has promised that a huge Joker twist is coming to the show, so it would make sense to tie that up with a season finale and keep the ball rolling with a big cliffhanger. Perhaps the "real" Joker has something to do with the creation of No Man's Land - and instead of Gotham being hit by an earthquake, it could be some sort of terrorist bombing.

Already in season 4, comic book arcs like Year One and The Long Halloween have been given the Gotham treatment. While viewers shouldn't expect a direct adaptation of 'No Man's Land', they could see it handled the way previous Batman projects have. Rocksteady's Arkham City had Gotham divided into territories after Hugo Strange took over, while Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Returns had the GCPD try and keep order after Bane's attack. Whatever happens, expect showrunner Bruno Heller to have something equally imaginative in store when Gotham season 4 reveals its endgame later this year.

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Gotham continues tomorrow night, March 8 with 'A Beautiful Darkness' on FOX.

Source: Comic Book

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