Gotham Season 4 is Done Filming

Gotham's very own Bruce Wayne, otherwise known as young actor David Mazouz, has confirmed that season 4 has officially wrapped filming. Gotham season 4 is currently airing its second half and features a brand new Poison Ivy in the form of Peyton List. If Ivy wasn't enough trouble, Jim Gordon is paying the price for his deal with Sofia Falcone, the Penguin and the Riddler are reunited, Jim's ex-lover Lee Thompkins has assumed control of The Narrows, and Jerome 'may or may not be The Joker' Valeska is gearing up for another wave of criminal terror.

Although that seems like an awful lot for the GCPD to contend with in the remaining episodes, the status of a potential fifth season of Gotham is still unconfirmed. The Batman prequel has experienced mixed fortunes both in terms of critical reaction and viewing figures and, as a result, many speculated that the current season could be Gotham's last. However, the chairman of the FOX network recently spoke positively regarding Gotham's chances of renewal, claiming that the show should have a place in the network's Fall 2018 lineup.

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While fans await official confirmation of a continuation, it seems that Gotham season 4 is officially in the can. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Mazouz revealed that the current season has wrapped, bidding farewell to his fans and co-stars alongside a photo of himself with Penguin actor, Robin Lord Taylor. Mazouz expressed his incredible pride at having been a part of the Gotham series and suggests that there remains no firm decision of whether or not the show will get a fifth run.

Scoffing at psychology because penguin and Bruce don’t play by those rules That’s a wrap on season 4 In some ways these 4 years feel like they should be 10 and in others it feels like the experience has taken 2 weeks. All I know is I am so crazy proud of what we have done on #Gotham. I am so happy I was blessed enough to be apart of this large super villain/hero family. This show has seen me through my most formative years yet- my adolescence thus far - and has shaped a (Bat) man so incredibly overjoyed with his past but also vigilantly ready for what is to come. Thank you everyone who has contributed to this project and experience, transforming my life in this beyond positive way. And whether or not this is the end of Gotham’s road, I love you all and these characters and what they represent will live forever (on Netflix and Hulu) and in our minds and hearts ( I know that was cheesy but it is true)

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Mazouz's emotional post does seem to act as somewhat of an epitaph to the actor's tenure on the show, especially the line about Gotham living forever on streaming services and in the hearts of the fans and cast. However, the actor does make it clear in the post that Gotham's future is undecided, therefore his speech is perhaps intended to be a precautionary goodbye, just in case the final day of filming on season 4 proved to be his last as the young Caped Crusader.

While many fans would suggest that Gotham's fourth run as been just as inconsistent as previous seasons, there is undoubtedly still mileage in the concept. This could prove even more true if recent set photos showing Jerome actor Cameron Monaghan in full Joker make-up lead to confirmation that the young sociopath is indeed Batman's most iconic villain. Whether Monaghan is truly playing The Joker or not, his performance has been widely praised - and if his infamous identity is finally confirmed in season 4, Gotham could easily put together another season focusing solely on the young Joker.

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Gotham season 4 continues Thursday, March 29 with "One Of My Three Soups" on FOX.

Source: David Mazouz

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