Gotham Season 4 Extended Trailer: From Darkness Comes Light

A new extended trailer for Gotham season 4 shows off Bruce and Selina's new costumes as they move towards becoming a hero and villain, respectively.

The latest trailer for season 4 of Gotham proves Bruce and Selina will both start to a lot more like their comic book counterparts.  After three seasons of slowly fleshing out the criminal underbelly of Gotham City and teasing the rise of Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon as atypical heroes, FOX is finally ready to lean into its Batman prequel. Along with fully-fledged supervillains such as the Riddler and Mr. Freeze, the upcoming episodes of Gotham will see Butch become Solomon Grundy, Selina start acting more like Catwoman, and Bruce finally assuming the first incarnation of his infamous mantle.

While many of these ideas were teased in the season 3 finale, the marketing for this month's premiere of Gotham has seen the shown heavily rely on its comic connections. We've already seen a trailer that spotlights the menace of the Scarecrow and the many factions that will attempt to stop the supervillain. We've even seen some banners for the show spotlighting Bruce's new suit and rise as Gotham's eventual savior. Now, the latest look at the show offers us a whole slew of new footage featuring Gotham's many heroes and villains.

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FOX has just debuted what's likely to be the final trailer for season 4 of Gotham before its release later this month. The extended video starts off with some teases for the new season before diving into a recap of what's happened on the show so far. After a few minutes, more new footage starts pouring in as we see Bruce finally take center stage in the show's narrative.

Gotham has often used a particular villain or group as a defining element for a season arc, and things this year look to kick-off with Scarecrow. The new trailer features plenty of shots of his fear toxin and its results, along with the Scarecrow's scythe and his minions. We also get a look at Selina's continued evolution, as she wields her new whip and even starts wearing a mask.

Among all the shots of the show's villains, however, we see Bruce finally taking on the role of a crime fighter. The season looks to begin with Alfred helping Bruce run around the city in his coat and ski mask before Lucius Fox gets wise to their work and offers Bruce some assistance. That comes in the form of the Mark I Batsuit, complete with bulletproofing. Considering Bruce is still learning how to take down criminals, that special feature will likely come in handy.

The trailer also continues to tease the debut of the Gotham City Sirens, which will feature a still-living Barbara join back up with Tabitha to mentor Selina and Ivy. All told, Bruce and Gordon are going to have a lot to contend with this season, so here's hoping a few more allies arrive to help them out.

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Gotham season 4 premieres Thursday, September 21 on FOX.

Source: FOX

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