Gotham: Bruce Tests His Proto-Batsuit in Season 4 Clip

A new clip from tonight's episode of Gotham sees Bruce testing out his new vigilante outfit for the first time. When Gotham was first announced, it was presented a lot like Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: exploring how law enforcement deal with the events in a comic book world. As things developed, however, the Batman prequel quickly came to be about exploring the origins of the Dark Knight's greatest villains as products of the city and not the Dark Knight himself.

Initially, Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth were merely a side story in Detective Gordon's ongoing struggle against corruption on Gotham. In season 4, however, the billionaire and his butler are right at the heart of things. Though they have an agenda outside of Gordon's, Bruce's plan to start protecting the streets of Gotham this season has thrown him into the mix like never before. Even as the show battles its lowest ratings yet, it's still moving closer to Bruce becoming Batman than ever before.

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CBR has a new clip from tonight's episode of Gotham, and it shows Bruce eager to take on criminals in his new suit. Last episode, Lucius Fox provided Bruce with a bulletproof ensemble, with Alfred designing a mask. Unfortunately, Bruce learns in the clip that his mask isn't as protective as his body armor. Of course, that doesn't curb his appetite for justice in the least.

The clip also features a black-clad thief sneaking into the area that Bruce is surveilling. Though stopping a criminal from walking into a trap seems counterintuitive, it's clear that Selina is the one sneaking around. Considering she's working with Barbara now, Selina is likely at the docks to steal weapons from Penguin. Again, not exactly an innocent victim - but when it comes to Selina, Bruce has always had a blindspot.

Trailers for Gotham season 4 have revealed that Selina eventually gets a suit of her own. In fact, the outfits she's been wearing of late are quite reminiscent of her comic book attire. Add in the whip she's wielding, and all she needs is some sort of mask. From what we've seen of the season so far, it looks like a hood and a domino mask will be what Selina uses in her initial bout of costumed crime.

Of course, Bruce and Selina won't be alone in transforming their look. After being killed by Barbara last season, Butch will be coming back from the dead in episode 5 of this season. When he does, it will be as the undead DC villain Solomon Grundy. So while Gotham City may finally have its protector, it will also be home to more villains than ever before.

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Gotham continues tonight with “A Dark Knight: They Who Hide Behind Masks” on FOX.

Source: CBR

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