Gotham's Catwoman Gets a Costume Upgrade

Selina Kyle gets a costume upgrade in this Gotham season 4 image, as part of her ongoing evolution into being the full-blown Catwoman.

Ahead of this week's episode of Gotham season 4, we have our best look yet at Selina's new Catwoman costume. While Gotham has never exactly been shy about embracing its comic book roots, the show has moved further into that territory as it's gone along. Season 3 kicked things into high gear with a number of big villain introductions (from the Mad Hatter to Mr. Freeze) and season 4 isn't slowing things down.

In the first few episodes of Gotham season 4, we've already seen Butch become Solomon Grundy, Jonathan Crane turn into Scarecrow, and Professor Pyg emerge. We've also been treated to Bruce Wayne finally taking on his role as Gotham's protector, with a suit and mask to match. Though some of these storylines have been put on hold, the theme of of Gotham season 4 seems to be all about bringing the various heroes and villains closer to their destiny. While Selina Kyle has found herself on the back burner thus far, this week's episode looks to give her a big push towards becoming Catwoman.

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The Gotham Twitter posted a brand-new photo of Camren Bicondova as Selina in this Thursday's 'A Day in the Narrow' (see the photo included below). In it, we get our best look at yet at the character's updated proto-Catwoman costume in season 4.

The new number certainly calls to mind the idea of Catwoman, while still remaining relatively true to what Selina's worn in the past. She's always had a penchant for black, leather, and hoods, so all she was really missing was some sort of mask. Interestingly, last season saw her wearing goggles similar to a number of previous iterations of Catwoman, but those seem to have been cast aside for a domino mask. While it's certainly more pulpy than the eyewear she used to have, the mask works far better than Bruce's clunky facial covering.

Although Gotham season 4 has already teases Selina's costume upgrade, this image proves that fans will be a proper look at the outfit in this week's episode. It also shows how the Sirens are positioning themselves as more colorful vigilantes on the series, as they step up their efforts to carve out a slice of Gotham City for themselves. Selina won't be alone in her ascension to becoming a supervillain, either.

Ivy Pepper has once again been recast on Gotham, with Peyton List taking over the role of Poison Ivy, picking up from the character's ingestion of a number of mysterious potions in a previous episode. This new version of the character will not only be older, but will also possess the powers of Poison Ivy in the comics. Chances are good that she will join forces with Selina and the other Sirens soon, setting up a powerful new dynasty in Gotham in the process.

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Gotham continues this Thursday with 'A Day in the Narrows' on FOX.

Source: Gotham Twitter

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