Gotham Season 4 Casts Prison Break & About A Boy Alums

Marina Benedict in Prison Break

It is time to unfurl your wings and reach for the cowl once more as Fox's Gotham takes to the TV skyline in Season 4 - now with two new additions to the cast. The show is upping the ante in its new run and is preparing to bring in Marina Benedict and Benjamin Stockham.

Known for her recent stint as icy assassin Emily Blake on the Prison Break revival, Benedict is a long-standing TV actor with credits on a wide range of hits shows. Stockham, meanwhile, in a teen actor best known for his appearances in About A Boy.

According to TVLine, Benedict will be playing owner Cherry, the owner of a Narrows fight club frequented by several of the show's villains. Stockham will be Bruce's new ally - Alex Winthrop. Knowing that the show is always keen to increase its villainous roster, it is safe to assume that both will be involved with some sort of troublesome scheme during their stint.

Bruce Wayne promo for season finale Gotham

Benedict looks to filling that Jada Pinkett Smith-shaped hole left in the show. Presumably crossing paths with McKenzie's Jim Gordon at some point, Cherry will surely be sharing screen time with the likes of Edward Nygma and a newly introduced Solomon Grundy - reborn from Butch Gilzean - as they rise through the levels of her very own fight club.

As for Stockham, guest character Alex Winthrop who gets tangled up with Bruce while on a mission tracking a mysterious artifact. Per the report, bromance appears to form and they go on the run.

Gotham loves to pull its character and storylines from the comic book source, and it will be interesting to see what exactly Bruce is looking for as well as who Winthrop's museum curator father could be. With the emergence of Ra's al Ghul at the end of Season 3, this artifact may have something to do with the League of Shadows and their continued involvement in the series.

It doesn't appear that Season 4 will be letting up on its breakneck speed of returning foes and new additions to Batman's rogue's gallery - to the point some feel there may be too many villains. But with Bruce taking on more aspects of his Batman destiny, the crime-riddled streets of Gotham likely won't stay that way for long.

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Gotham Season 4 premieres September 21st on Fox.

Source: TVLine

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