How Gotham's Butch Will Become Solomon Grundy in Season 4

Gotham EP John Stephens reveals how Butch will become the comic book version of Solomon Grundy—and will team-up with the Riddler in season 4.

It looks like Butch's transformation into Solomon Grundy in season 4 of Gotham will closely mirror the comics—and the reborn villain will also forge an unlikely partnership. Gotham has always taken a circuitous route when it comes to providing the show's villains with their comic book origins. Still, the creatives involved have become increasingly comfortable with each passing season when it comes to diving into the pulp of the source material. As such, more and more of Batman's rogues have been arriving, and next season will continue the trend.

Thanks to recent casting news, we know Gotham will be gaining at least one new villain and hero. Carmine Falcone's daughter will also arrive this season, walking the line between both. Meanwhile, Butch Gilzean (Drew Powell) will be back in a whole new way. Last season ended with him in a hospital and revealed to be Cyrus Gold. We know for a fact that this means Butch will become the villain Solomon Grundy this season, but fans have been wondering how close things will stick to the comics. Now, it looks like Grundy's origin will be honored.

EW spoke with Gotham executive producer John Stephens and asked how Butch will become the zombie-like rogue. As it turns out, pretty much like he does in the comics.

Drew Powell as Butch on Gotham

“He’s been in a vegetative state at Gotham General and so in order to clear up space for more beds, the administrators at the hospital have him dumped in Slaughter Swamp, as one does in Gotham. So he emerges reborn out of Slaughter Swamp as the character we know as Solomon Grundy.”

As Stephens notes, dumping a body in a swamp is the sort of thing that happens in Gotham. In fact, Cyrus Gold was dumped in Slaughter Swamp in the comics after he was killed. Though his backstory differs from Butch's, the process still left him mutated into a massive, undead monster. While the comic book Gold was in the swamp for 50 years, Butch's transformation will be sped up a bit. When Grundy does emerge, he'll be left with no memory. And while it may come back with time, its absence will result in a partnership between Grundy and Edward Nygma, the first person to see the former gangster's return.

"We begin the story of a very unlikely friendship between these two who are sworn enemies but now, all of a sudden in season 4, are best friends as they move through Gotham.”

We last saw Riddler frozen in a block of ice, but we know he won't be that way for long. Eventually, he'll reignite his war with Penguin, and it looks as if Butch will once again be caught in the middle. This time, however, he'll be a changed man.

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Gotham Season 4 premieres September 21st on Fox.

Source: EW

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