Gotham Season 4 Promo Reveals Bruce's Batsuit

Bruce Wayne is a step closer to becoming the Batman in the upcoming season, but what will his first attempt at a costume look like?

Bruce Wayne Gotham

A new trailer for Gotham season 4 gives us our first look at an extremely basic version of Bruce's Batsuit. With less than a month away from the premiere of the next season, the show is beginning to really tease fans with what to expect from Gotham City over the coming year. This obviously includes the evolution of Bruce Wayne from teenage billionaire, to vigilante. We've already seen his detective skills be an integral part of the plot, and it's time he steps in as the silent protector of the city.

A huge part of Gotham's third season was developing Bruce's skills as a fighter to prepare him for his role as a hero. The end of the season finale actually saw the billionaire stop a mugging and stand on a rooftop overlooking the city wearing a long black coat. Obviously the visuals of the scene were teasing fans to the future costumed identity that Bruce forges. The showrunners have always said that the series will end with Bruce putting on the famous costume. But it looks like that day is coming sooner rather than later.

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The new teaser trailer shows off what we can expect from the fourth season. We see a range of the villains that now populate Gotham, including the return of Jonathan Crane A.K.A. Scarecrow. In the show his father was developing a toxin that would get rid of fear, but Crane Jr. will be using it for his own criminal gain. But the biggest reveal in the teaser, is the basic Batman costume that we see Bruce wearing. It doesn't have the ears, but the nose and mouth look extremely reminiscent of the cowl we're so familiar with. For now, the rest of the suit just comprises of a black leather jacket.

Bruce Wayne Gotham

But throughout the rest of the season it's likely that we'll see a progression of his costume. After all, the origin series allows the writers to explore a 'Batman Year One' story arc for Bruce. This means that he'll discover the pros and cons of having a dual life, and how his actions as a vigilante will bleed into his real life. But before we get the iconic Batsuit we're so familiar with, it's likely we'll see Bruce take a few hits in the basic version first. Since he's already made friends with Lucius Fox at Wayne Industries, we could see the hero pull resources from there to give him some body armor and maybe even a gadget or two.

It's not likely that we'll see a full Batman appearance by the end of this season, but Gotham is certainly making steps in the right direction. Especially since Bruce claims that being a vigilante has made him "Never feel more alive," there's no reason to stop those night time activities then. And with Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Solomon Grundy, The Penguin, Ra's Al Ghul and now Scarecrow all making appearances this season, Gotham really will need a caped crusader.

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Gotham season 4 premieres Thursday, September 28 on FOX.

Source: FOX

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