Gotham Season 4 Clip & Image Tease Barbara's Return

A brand-new clip from tonight's episode of Gotham brings Barbara back from the dead. Gotham's premiere last week finally brought Bruce a big step closer to his destiny as the Dark Knight, but while he'll be suiting up this season and fighting crime, he's not the only one undergoing changes. The end of the episode also featured Jonathan Crane emerging as the Scarecrow, and he's the first of many villains who will be evolving this season.

Along with Bruce's new identity, Selina is moving closer and closer to becoming Catwoman. She and Tabitha are already working together and Penguin even dubbed the team the Sirens. We also know that two more Sirens will be joining them this season. One will be Ivy, but the other will be Barbara back from the dead. Of course, after she killed Butch in the finale and Tabitha seemingly killed her, there's going to be some bad blood.

FOX has released a new clip from tonight's episode, 'The Fear Reaper,' which features Barbara calling on Selina and Tabitha. Naturally, the latter isn't thrilled with seeing her old partner. It does, however, seem like Babs will have something to offer. Along with the clip, a new photo of Barbara was unveiled on Twitter, showing her with quite an impressive arsenal.

? BABS ? IS ? BACK ? IN ? #GOTHAM ? TONIGHT ? AT ? 8/7C ?

— Gotham (@Gotham) September 28, 2017

There's no telling how Barbara survived being electrocuted last year, but as she says, it is Gotham. Likewise, Butch will be returning from the grave, transforming into Solomon Grundy from the comics. This season of Gotham seems prepared to fully lean into its comic book roots, meaning plenty of supervillain names and costumes.

The other big question with Barbara is where she got all those guns. Tabitha and Selina have fallen on hard times with Penguin in charge, and they weren't even dead. Despite the tension between the women, it's only a matter of time before they're working together again to take down Gotham's new crime lord.

As we wait for tonight's episode, the latest promos for Gotham have teased some of the transformations this season. We got an early look at how Bruce will get his new suit. A spotlight on Scarecrow was also released, teasing the terror he'll be sowing in Gotham. Hopefully, Bruce is a quick study, as his town looks to be bursting with more supervillains than ever this season.

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Gotham returns tonight with 'The Fear Reaper' on FOX.

Source: FOX

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