Batman Emerges In Gotham Season 4 Promo Art

FOX unveils two new banners for Gotham season 4, teasing young Bruce Wayne's gradual transformation into Batman in the episodes ahead.

Two new banners have arrived for Gotham season 4, teasing the rise of Batman as Bruce Wayne finally dons a costume. In just a few more weeks, Gotham will return to kick off the fall TV season. When it does, many of the show's core characters will find themselves in entirely new positions. After the events of season three and its finale especially, villains like Barbara, Selina, and Butch will all be headed in new directions. We already know the former will survive, but in what form is still unknown. Selina, meanwhile, will continue to grow into Catwoman thanks to the mentorship of Tabitha. Finally, Butch will begin his journey to becoming Solomon Grundy from DC Comics.

It won't just be the villains who will undergo changes in the new season of Gotham. Last spring, the show ended teasing the emergence of Bruce Wayne's heroic alter-ego. With the character finally taking to the streets to dispense vigilante justice, the shift from Bruce to Batman is closer than ever. The Gotham season 4 trailer offered fans their first glimpse of Bruce's new crime-fighting costume. Now, some new pieces of promotional art have continued the tease.

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TV Insider (via CBR) has two new banners released by FOX to promote the new season of Gotham. Like the San Diego Comic-Con poster that teased Bruce's new role in the city in season 4, these banners make it clear that the young billionaire will be leaning into his vigilante persona this year.

The first image pays homage to Bruce's destiny while echoing the Gotham SDCC poster and spotlighting the future hero alongside Jim Gordon. In past seasons, the ensemble of villains always stood alongside the two potential saviors of Gotham City, but season 4 looks to refocus on Bruce and Jim. Of course, marketing for season 4 has made it clear that Gordon and the GCPD will be hunting down Gotham's latest vigilante in the season ahead. Likely, the new dynamic between Bruce and Jim will play a huge role in the story developments ahead.

The second banner offers a close-up look at the costume we saw in the Gotham season 4 teaser. Though it doesn't look like it will inspire much fear, the Mark I version of the Batman suit will be a work in progress. Here, the mask and hoodie are spotlighted, evoking the image of Batman's cowl.

These new banners, along with other recent marketing, are particularly striking as Gotham has tried to skirt around Bruce's future in the past. Like Smallville before it, there have been teases, but the nods to Batman are becoming more and more blatant. And while it still seems unlikely that David Mazouz will ever fully suit-up as the Dark Knight, fans of the character will see Bruce Wayne get pretty close in the new season of Gotham.

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Gotham season 4 premieres September 21 with 'Pax Penguina' on FOX.

Source: TV Insider (via CBR)

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