Gotham Season 4 Will Explore Alfred's Past 'Indirectly'

Explore to learn more about Gotham's version of Alfred in the upcoming fourth season of the show. On a series with the boy who will one day become Batman, a psychopath who is quite possibly the future Joker, and the incredibly hard-to-kill Fish Mooney, one wouldn't think a top candidate for the title of Gotham's most badass character would Bruce Wayne's butler. Yet, Gotham's incarnation of Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) is just that, repeatedly having shown himself to be highly skilled both with weapons and in hand-to-hand combat.

Part of this is no doubt due to Alfred's oft-mentioned military career, but Gotham has repeatedly hinted at darker parts of Alfred's past that he would rather Bruce not know about - which would presumably include violent acts not sanctioned by a government. Still, actual answers to fan questions concerning Alfred's history have been few and far between over the course of Gotham's three seasons to date.

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Those curious about Alfred's possible past misdeeds now have all the more reason to look forward to Gotham season 4, as Pertwee told Cinema Blend that the new season will delve more into the character's shadowy background, albeit indirectly. Here's his full quote on the matter:

"I think you're going to find out indirectly about his past, and the person that he was. He's not proud. He has more demons than Bruce has. And that's why that's why they've always inevitably sort of drawn together, and they find each other, and that relationship suffers as the young boy grows. Alfred tries to keep up with him, and he just can't."

Sean Pertwee and James Frain in Gotham

Pertwee's last point about how Alfred finds it harder and harder to keep up with Bruce as the boy grows older, is a clear foreshadowing of how their dynamic will change once Bruce finally becomes a full-grown Batman. As seen in most Batman stories, Alfred has gotten far too old to do much on the physical side, and has become more of an assistant to Bruce and someone the superhero goes to for advice, when struggling with a problem.

While there is certainly no shame in that advisory role, it's hard to imagine Pertwee's heroic and tough Alfred accepting taking a backseat to Bruce, or anyone, without a fight. Still, the ravages of time spare no man, and Alfred will be no different. In the meantime, one wonders the effect that possible revelations about his past might have on the relationship between Alfred and his surrogate son.

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Gotham season 4 premieres September 21 on FOX.

Source: Cinema Blend

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