Gotham Season 3 Return Trailer: Batman Begins, Catwoman Reborn & More

A new trailer for next week's return of Gotham season 3 teases returning villains, chaos in the city, and the rise of Bruce Wayne as Batman.

The heroes will rise at last in Gotham City, as the new trailer for Gotham season 3's return promises. For the past two and a half years, Gotham has put its own unique spin on the Bruce Wayne character, as well as his friends, foes, and the very city that has always defined the Caped Crusader. When season 3 of the show resumes next week, it will finally start taking proper steps towards Bruce becoming the Dark Knight - though his enemies aren't going anywhere.

Despite the subtitle of the remainder of season 3, Gotham will still be dominated by villains. Next week's episode, "How the Riddler Got His Name", will provide us with the next step in Edward Nygma's evolution into full-blown supervillain. Meanwhile, Selina Kyle and Tabitha Galavan will continue to grow into their alter-egos, and may even form the Gotham City Sirens proper in season 4. Building on the previously-released Gotham season 3 return promo, the latest trailer brings out rogues both old and new, while further teasing the development of young Bruce Wayne.

In the new trailer from FOX, we see the return of Firefly, Mr. Freeze, Ivy, and Fish Mooney, along with a number of other villains like Penguin and Riddler. We also get glimpses of Barnes, who looks to be donning a suit to match his new sobriquet of The Executioner. All told, things are looking quite dire for Bruce and James Gordon, when Gotham season 3 resumes.

Throughout the shots of villains and recaps of past events, there's also a number of looks at Bruce interacting with some new characters. One is like Ra's al Ghul, who will be heading up the Court of Owls and their schemes. Of course, all of those shots may not be of Bruce. Some could be his clone, who the Court likely has nefarious plans for.

Amidst all of these new and returning characters, Gotham looks to be holding onto enough viewers that its chances of a season 4 renewal are good. The trailer features a shot in the mountains quite similar to a scene in Batman Begins, teasing Bruce's turn into Batman could be coming soon. As such, fans are eager for the show to stick around and reach the point in its story where Bruce can begin operating as a vigilante. After all, Gordon, Harvey, and a handful of cops are really the only agents of good operating against all of these villains in Gotham at the moment. If this season will see heroes rise, Bruce is going to need to step up before too long.

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Gotham returns with ‘How The Riddler Got His Name’ April 24th on FOX.

Source: FOX

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