Gotham Season 3 Promo: Bullock's Ready to Crack Skulls Again

Gotham Season 2 - Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon

Gotham returns this fall for its third season, which is shaping up to be its biggest season yet. Season 2 ended with Jim Gordon and co. capturing Hugo Strange, but they could not prevent the busload of Indian Hill escapees from flooding into the streets of Gotham City. When we pick things up in season 3, Jim Gordon will be operating as a bounty hunter, while the GCPD will have their hands full tracking down all the new villains in Gotham. Some of the villains we are set to encounter in the upcoming season are Killer Croc, Solomon Grundy, the Mad Hatter, and a grown up Poison Ivy.

We will also see other familiar faces operating in new territory. Jim Gordon's ex, Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) and Theo Galavan's sister, Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) will be running the new nightclub, The Sirens, which will be a featured locale in Gotham's criminal underworld. Fish Mooney looks to be back in the fold after her escape from Indian Hill, and on a mission to recruit an army with similar abilities to her own, as she developed powers of persuasion after being resurrected. And, of course, Bruce Wayne will be back further looking into the circumstances of his parents' murder, including the Court of Owls' proximity to Indian Hill, and will also have to deal with his mysterious doppelganger.

But not all of Gotham's characters will be taking on new roles. One main character, in fact, will be going back to his roots. A new promo (above) sees Harvey Bullock (played by Donal Logue) explaining that he can't wait to get back to what he does best - cracking skulls. In the promo, Bullock states, "I did a good job, being captain. Even liked it. But I am more than happy to get back to the business of cracking skulls, especially the freaks from Indian Hill."

Gotham Season 2 - Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon

Harvey Bullock was operating as GCPD's captain, after Captain Barnes (played by Michael Chiklis) suffered severe injuries at the hands of Azrael/Theo Galavan. But it appears from the promo that with Barnes back in action, Bullock has no problem getting back to the streets of Gotham. While Gordon will be operating as a bounty hunter, and not a cop, previous promos make it clear that him and Bullock will still be interacting, which is good since their banter is some of the best on Gotham.

The images in the promo seem to suggest that Fish Mooney does succeed on some level in recruiting an army of her peers, so it will be interesting to see who some of these India Hill "freaks" are, and what they can do - and, of course, whether Bullock gets to crack any of their skulls.

Gotham season 3 premieres 19th September on Fox.

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