Gotham Season 3 Promos: Jim Gordon & Penguin In the Mad City


After a few month respite from the murder, madness, and intrigue of Gotham City, only a few more weeks remain until its time for fans to book a return trip to the crime-ridden destination. Season 3 is poised to shake things up for the now veteran DC-based FOX drama, with the fallout from season 2's final episodes casting a shadow over Gotham and its inhabitants like never before. Perhaps most notably, the monstrous experiments of Dr. Hugo Strange are now free to terrorize the city, following the events at Indian Hill.

Season 3 will also see multiple new additions to the Gotham cast, mostly on the side of evil. Multiple famous villains from the Batman canon are set to soon arrive, including The Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, and maybe even Harley Quinn. A new heroic character is Valerie Vale, an intrepid reporter for the Gotham Gazette that sets out to uncover the truth behind what took place at Indian Hill, despite the local government's attempts to cover it up. In doing this, she seeks out Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), who has fallen a long way from the idealistic hero cop out to clean up the city that he began the series as. What a difference two seasons of constant abuse makes.

With Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) now firmly out of his life - and the couple's unborn child having been lost near the end of season 2 - Jim is at a new personal low, although he doesn't necessarily see it that way. On the other end of the character spectrum, Oswald "The Penguin" Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) sees himself poised to craft the lasting legacy in Gotham that he's always wanted, thus making his parents proud. FOX has released two new promos spotlighting the circumstances of these two very different men, feature above and below, respectively.

The first promo - entitled Jim Gordon Does What He Wants - illustrates what this once-proud GCPD detective has become. Now off the force, Gordon has become a skull-cracking, hard-drinking bounty hunter, who makes his living rounding up the Strange experiments that escaped Indian Hill before they can take out innocent civilians. While still technically doing good, Gordon really couldn't seem to care less about that aspect. As he says in the promo, it pays the bills.


Alternatively, the promo entitled Oswald Cobblepot Makes His Mark features a Penguin who sees leading the hunt for Strange's monsters as an opportunity to build a lasting legacy of heroism and respect within Gotham's history books. To say that Cobblepot has seen his ups and downs during Gotham's first two seasons is an understatement, coming so close to permanently retaining ultimate power, only to see his dreams of having everything he ever wanted repeatedly snatched away. With his parents' deaths still burning a hole in his already black heart, it'll be interesting to see what lengths he goes to accomplish his latest goals.


Jim Gordon and Oswald Cobblepot: two men with very little left to lose. When a man has little left to lose, he's at his most dangerous, and dangerous is what both will have to be to survive Gotham season 3's Mad City.

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Gotham season 3 premieres Monday, September 19th on FOX.

Source: FOX

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