Gotham Cast Teases Darker Catwoman & Penguin in Season 3

The Penguin in Gotham

While some feel that certain aspects of the DC universe can sometimes lean a bit too much toward the dark and gritty, there is one locale where audiences would expect nothing less: Gotham City. After all, Gotham is such a crime-ridden cesspool of scum and villainy that the majority of the police force and local government is corrupt, and a masked vigilante eventually dressing up as a bat and beating down bad guys is seen as a welcome change by most.

As FOX's pre-Batman version of Gotham has progressed over the last two seasons, viewers have witnessed some of the most iconic members of the Caped Crusader's rogues gallery as they spiral downward into the fearsome foes they will one day become. Perhaps the most prominent of Gotham's future supervillains are Selina "Catwoman" Kyle (Camren Bicondova) and Oswald "The Penguin" Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor). Beginning as a streetwise teenage thief and a low-level hood, respectively, Kyle and Cobblepot have traveled down some dark paths so far, clearly damaging them in ways that only immense trauma can.

Unfortunately, circumstances only look to be getting worse for them in season 3. During a recent interview with Comic Book, Bicondova and Taylor were each asked about the immediate future prospects for their respective characters, and neither forecast sounded at all upbeat.

Bicondova: "I think Selina is always exploring that without even knowing, because she has a genuine heart, she's very loyal, and she's very honest and intelligent. But I think just as natural as her goodheartedness is her evilness. This season we're actually going to be seeing her go down a darker path, and I'm so excited."

Taylor: "The great thing about this season is after last season, having the two people that [Oswald] loves, in the entire world, taken away from him, he now has full license to go completely psychotic. There's nothing holding him back. That's sort of the overall theme of our show, about love and the loss of love, and to love someone is to be vulnerable."

Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle in Gotham

Of course, while it's not too surprising that Kyle and Cobbblepot will continue their progression down the road to master criminal status, Gotham season 3's "Heroes Will Fall" tagline suggests that it won't just be those already dwelling on the dark side that might be pushed over the edge.

Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) certainly had a rough go of it in season 2, and that's putting things mildly. It's not often that being framed for murder isn't the worst event a person goes through in a year, but Gordon can claim that dubious distinction, having also lost his love interest Dr. Lee Tompkins (Morena Baccarin) and their unborn child. With McKenzie recently hinting at Gordon assuming another famous DC identity before the end of season 3, one wonders what will drive him to that point.

Considering all the darkness and pain already permeating the residents of Gotham City going into season 3, the bigger question for fans to ask might be not which characters will end up in a darker state of mind, but will anyone manage not to? Such are the hazards of living in the grittiest part of the DC universe.

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Gotham returns for season 3 on Monday, September 19, 2016 at 8pm on FOX.

Source: Comic Book

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