Gotham Casts The Mad Hatter's Sister for Season 3

Batman The Mad Hatter

Season 3 of Gotham is less than a month away and the fan anticipation continues to grow. The new season of the prequel series is yet again focusing on Batman rogues well before Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) grows up to become The Dark Knight in Gotham City, contrary to all previous incarnations of the Batman universe.

The latest casting for season three is giving us a fun twist on the legacy of Jervis Tetch a.k.a. The Mad Hatter. In the Gotham version of the villain his Alice, the fixture of his delusions, will be his younger sister, Alice Tetch.

A new article on Variety has confirmed that the Mad Hatter's sister is coming to Gotham. The role is set to be filled by Naian Gonzalez Norvind. A native of Mexico City, Norvind has acted primarily in Mexican television in film, as well as roles in The Devil You Know and Everybody's Got Somebody...Not Me.

It has been reported that when Mad Hatter shows up on Gotham, he's looking for Alice, who "went missing" in Gotham City years ago. Variety reports that Gotham's version of Alice has "a powerful ability that she cannot control" - one that she see as a curse, but which her (not altogether stable) brother sees as a gift. In fact, Jervis is convinced that Alice's "gift" needs to be shared with the world, even if its harmful. Alice has spent her young life running from Jervis,which will likely be a focal point in Gotham season 3.

Naian Gonzalez Norvind as Mad Hatter's SIster Alice on Gotham Season 3

Gotham remains as determined as ever to put its own unique spin on the Batman universe, as illustrated by its portrayal of The Mad Hatter and his relationship with his sister. Admittedly though, The Mad Hatter has always been an obsessive-compulsive with a delusional self-image, identifying himself more with children even as an adult. Either way, the character - a grown man who kidnaps children, dresses them up as fairy tale characters, and forces them to live out his immature and delusional fantasies - has the potential for some dark television. The twist of Alice being his sister adds a new layer to the character that hasn't been seen since Batman: The Animated Series.

The news about The Mad Hatter's appearance on Gotham has been flooding in lately with sneak peeks inside his creepy lair and a cool first look at Benedict Samuel in his Hatter costume. The third season of Gotham may be the best one yet, as the series is hitting its stride and finally getting to some of the often lesser examined villains, like Clayface and the ominous and far-reaching Court of Owls.

The Mad Hatter is among Batman's oldest villains in the rogues gallery, having debuted a whopping 68 years ago in the pages of Batman #49. The inclusion of the Hatter and is Alice in Gotham, although it's a new take, is certainly a move that gives homage to the long and ever-morphing legacy of the Caped Crusader.

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Gotham season 3 premieres September 19th, 2016 on FOX.

Source: Variety

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