Gotham Season 3: Mad Hatter's Lair Revealed in New Images

Gotham Season 3 - Mad Hatter's Lair Has Been Revealed

Gotham set the stage for its upcoming third season by leaving off with plenty of new threats on the street for Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and the few good citizens of the city left to deal with. With season two featuring plenty of shady characters escaping from Dr. Hugo Strange's Indian Hill experiment-gone-wrong scenario, this means more familiar faces will be popping up, starting this October. As previously announced, The Mad Hatter will be among the notable members of Batman's rogues gallery to be introduced into this pre-Dark Knight universe.

We've already seen our first look at The Mad Hatter a.k.a. Jervis Tech, who will be portrayed by Benedict Samuel on Gotham. An official description of The Mad Hatter detailed him as, "a talented hypnotist teetering on the edge of madness.” So what better way to enjoy more of what to expect from this character then through a first look at his creepy, Alice In Wonderland-inspired lair on the TV show.

Comic Book was able to get a good look at the home of Mr. Tech on Gotham, via the images featured below. As one could expect, there is a lot of imagery related to the classic Alice stories as well as random pieces of set design that spell out a certain mood, fitting of the character. It is bizarre to say the least, but that is what you get when dealing with The Mad Hatter.

Mad Hatter's Lair Has Been Revealed - 1

Mad Hatter's Lair Has Been Revealed - 2

Mad Hatter's Lair Has Been Revealed - 3

Mad Hatter's Lair Has Been Revealed - 4

Mad Hatter's Lair Has Been Revealed - 5

Mad Hatter's Lair Has Been Revealed - 6

Mad Hatter's Lair Has Been Revealed - 7

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Mad Hatter's Lair Has Been Revealed - 9

Mad Hatter's Lair Has Been Revealed - 10

Mad Hatter's Lair Has Been Revealed - 11

Mad Hatter's Lair Has Been Revealed - 12

Mad Hatter's Lair Has Been Revealed - 13

While never a major threat to Batman (more of an annoyance), the character has existed in the mythology since the '40s. As fans are likely well aware, The Mad Hatter's practice has been the use of mind-controlling devices, which he manages in some way through his large top hat. There are no signs of the hat or any devices of that source in these photos, but there is still plenty of neat Hatter-related stuff to see.

In Gotham, Mr. Tech will find his way to the city while on a quest to find out what happened to his sister Alice, a young woman who has gone missing. We don't really know what went down, but it likely wasn't anything good. With that in mind, seeing where The Mad Hatter will be holding up does introduce some creepy intrigue fitting of a man who has had stalker issues seen in previous incarnations of the character.

As has been the case with the series as a whole, there will likely be some mixed minds in regards to how this new portrayal of The Mad Hatter is handled. This is mainly due to the villain, like many others, being introduced much sooner into the world that will eventually feature Batman than expected. That's more of a core issue of the Gotham TV show, however, so one will just have to hope the series does Mr. Tech justice.

Keeping that in mind, Samuel created a sense of unpredictable menace on the most recent season of The Walking Dead as the leader of the Wolves clan; and while taller than the average Hatter, he does look the part. These may only be some photos of his lair, but at least Gotham is going all out to deliver a familiar representation of the character. We'll just have to wait and see how far down the rabbit hole this series plans to go with the character.

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Gotham season 3 premieres September 19th, 2016 on FOX.

Source: Comic Book

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