Gotham Season 3 Promo & Poster: Mad City

As the hours, minutes, and seconds tick by until the return of FOX's Gotham, fan anticipation for the new season has begun to reach a fever pitch. After all, Gotham season 2 was an eventful one, with many of the series' characters growing ever closer to becoming the icons that will eventually inhabit the Batman universe. Still, little Bruce Wayne has quite the ways to go before he's ready to don the cape and cowl, and Gotham has a lot more story to tell before things are all said and done.

For starters, several new characters are on their way into the titular city (beginning with the arrival of the villainous Mad Hatter). An entirely original addition to the cast is Valerie Vale (Jamie Chung), the aunt of future Bruce Wayne love interest Vickie Vale, who - like her niece - is also the "intrepid reporter" type. Ivy Pepper has also received a sudden age-up, bringing her closer to the supervillain that will eventually come to be feared under the name Poison Ivy.

To continue the hype unabated, FOX has released a new poster and promo clip for season 3. The poster can be seen in all its icy glory directly below, while the promo is embedded above. Entitled "Gotham Has Plenty of Monsters," the new clip serves to reinforce just how few forces for good Gotham has left, with even stalwarts like Jim Gordon seeming to have all but given up on trying to reform such a corrupt city when the season begins. This ties in to the subtitle of season 3: "Heroes Will Fall."

Even Bruce Wayne is about to do something that he and Alfred agree there is no turning back from. One wonders just how dirty the hands of Gotham's heroes will get before season 3 ends.

Gotham season 3 poster

As for the poster, it seems to carry a heavy Mr. Freeze theme, with its icy blue color scheme and the fact that Gordon is holding some of Gotham's other inhabitants inside of a snow globe. Oddly enough though, Freeze himself is not included in the group that's encased inside of the frozen cage (having seen his storyline play out already... we assume). Still, his chilling presence is most certainly felt. The poster also introduces what looks to be a possible new slogan for the season - "Mad City" - and considering that Gotham houses the infamous Arkham Asylum, that phrase is arguably a huge understatement.

With the Mad City theme in play, one wonders what it might mean for Gordon, considering his dead-eyed stare in the above poster. The man has been put through things during seasons 1 and 2 that would have mentally broken most men long ago. From his encounter with The Ogre to the loss of Leslie Thompkins and their unborn child, Jim seems poised to take on the role of the man 'with nothing to lose' (arguably, a role he's been playing from the very start of the series). If that indeed ends up being the case, and Jim Gordon becomes even more extreme in his mission, woe be to the villains misguided enough to cross him. Even the most moral of men have a breaking point.

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Gotham returns for season 3 on September 19, 2016.

Source: FOX

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