Jessica Jones Actor Joins Gotham Season 3 in New Set Photos

Gotham season 3 - Ben McKenzie as Gordon

Countless loose ends and terrifying mysteries still hang in the balance after the last season of Gotham, and major changes are on the horizon. The upcoming third season of FOX's not-so-superhero drama will see the introduction of a 19-year-old Poison Ivy, the Mad Hatter, the mystery of the Court of Owls, and a few familiar faces returning - but among the new cast is a Marvel alumni who seems to be taking on a very, very different role.

Most superhero fans might know actor Kieran Mulcare best for his turn on Marvel's Jessica Jones, when he played Ruben, the title character's neighbor. Ruben's puppy crush on Jessica earned him a horrible death at the hands of Kilgrave (or, well, himself technically). But now, it seems that Mulcare is headed to Gotham in a mysterious, ghoulish role, according to new set photos.

There wasn't any major previous indication that Mulcare was set to join the cast, so the reveal is somewhat surprising. Unfortunately, it came with little else; there's no real confirmation on who Mulcare will be playing, but given the deadly stare and particular appearance, a few guesses come to mind. Mulcare is the latest casting reveal, and he isn't the only one familiar to the superhero beat. Co-star Jamie Chung, who played Go-Go Tamago in Big Hero 6, will be joining the cast as Valerie Vale -- aunt to Batman-era journalist Vicki Vale.

@KieranMulcare Hi! Can't wait to see what character you're playing!#GothamSeason3 / photo: bigfootbjornsen(R)

— Ben McKenzie News (@pinelou) August 23, 2016

Thanks to his dust-white appearance and haunting stare, fans have begun taking a guess at this role being a Proto-Solomon Grundy. Grundy is a recurring antagonist within the Batman mythos, and since the showrunners teased his appearance this season, it might not be too far off of a guess after all. The photos that accompany these released by ComingSoon show a scene where Gordon and the GCPD are investigating the murder of a pair of newlyweds. What Mulcare's character is doing there is a mystery. When discussing what this "proto" version of Solomon Grundy would be, producer John Stephens said that the version in Gotham isn't just someone who dies and is reborn as Grundy, and that they're a new character entirely.

In Jessica Jones, Ruben had his faults. He may have been a tad misguided thanks to his admittedly abusive sister, and maybe he was a little bit racist (his words) but Ruben meant well, and had a gentle heart. With a role that looks radically different compared to the socially troubled boy next door, it's anyone's guess as to what the showrunners have planned for Mulcare. Hopefully he'll get to live longer this time around.

Gotham will return to FOX on September 19th at 8 pm EST.


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