Gotham Season 3: Jim Gordon May Take On Different DC Comics Persona

Gotham: Ben McKenzie teases Gordon in season 3

The freight train of news coming out of Comic-Con continues, this time with an update on Gotham's upcoming third season. Season two played host to a lot of upheaval in Gotham City, with new villainous players emerging, established relationships crumbling, countless dead bodies, and the metamorphosis of some of the most iconic characters in the Batman mythos into a form closer to what they will ultimately become. Subtitled Heroes Will Fall, season three shows no signs of Gotham's darkness abating, with things likely to head even further down the rabbit hole of crime and insanity.

At the center of everything is of course heroic cop Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) of the Gotham City Police Department, who's spent the past two seasons crusading to clean up Gotham City, even if that sometimes requires making figurative deals with the devil or putting his own life on the line (multiple times). When fans last saw Gordon, he was heading off to try and locate his significant other Dr. Leslie Thompkins, who skipped town after the tragic loss of the couple's unborn child.

During a TVLine sit-down with the Gotham cast at Comic-Con, McKenzie addressed that plot thread, and unfortunately suggested that it doesn't get resolved in a positive fashion. He also confirmed that newly created character Valerie Vale (Jamie Chung) is set to serve as Gordon's new love interest. However, a statement made by McKenzie near the end of the interview easily made the biggest splash, dropping a bombshell not previously mentioned by anyone involved with Gotham.

"Yours truly might become another iconic DC character, in the middle of the season - at the end of the season. … He might take on the persona of a different character."

Ben McKenzie in Gotham

With Gotham's willingness to alter the established Batman continuity and character histories to suit its dramatic ends, the possibilities as to what exactly McKenzie means by this are pretty open ended. DC has no shortage of masked heroic identities Gordon could embody, although considering the Heroes Will Fall theme, it's possible that the character he'll become won't be quite so virtuous.

Interestingly enough, Gordon himself assumed the Batman identity in a relatively recent comic arc, although that was old man Gordon and long after Bruce Wayne had established the Caped Crusader persona. That said, one wonders if Gordon could still become a sort of proto-Batman, and perhaps serve as Bruce's inspiration to finally become a masked vigilante in the Gotham universe. However things turn out creatively, Ben McKenzie's comments have definitely added a new wrinkle into what fans can expect from their latest return trip to Gotham.

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Gotham season 3 premieres on Monday, September 19, 2016 at 8pm on FOX.

Source: TVLine

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