Gotham Season 3 Clips Tease Penguin’s Bid For Mayor & More

Gotham season 3 - Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor)

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Gotham season 3 ahead.]


Already two episodes deep into the third season of Gotham, FOX's crime drama based on the characters and setting of DC Comic's Batman franchise, the series promises an even deeper dive into the Rogues Gallery of The Dark Knight. The first season acted as a reintroduction to familiar faces such as Jim Gordon and a young Bruce Wayne most notably. However, its sophomore season was largely praised for its exploration of less prominent characters – generally villains.

Gotham made waves during its most recent offseason with announcements of an aged-up Poison Ivy and the addition of even more fan-favorite baddies – Solomon Grundy, Killer Croc, and the highly anticipated introduction of Mad Hatter. Season 3 of Gotham is not relying on new characters to carry the torch, however, as it appears as though there are plenty of new and interesting arcs to explore with the likes of Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Alfred, and yes, even the Penguin.

In a handful of new clips from the upcoming episode of Gotham season 3, Penguin's bid for mayor, Bruce Wayne's mysterious doppelganger, and a number of other intriguing plot points are teased. In total, four clips from the upcoming episode entitled "Look Into My Eyes" have been released. You can check out the Penguin-related clip above, followed below by the other three:

In "Look Into My Eyes", it seems that Penguin decides not only to call out the current mayor publicly, but to throw his own hat in the ring too. Meanwhile, as the other clips illustrate, Alice's landlord gets a bit more than he bargained for in the episode; the members of Wayne Manor learns about Bruce's doppelganger through a pre-breakfast workout; and a tense moment is shared between Jim Gordon and Leslie's new fiance. All in all, episode three looks to deliver an hour packed with character infused drama and even a few thrown punches.

With the recent tease of the aforementioned Mad Hatter and Penguins (sure to be) intense run at elected office, season 3 of Gotham is vying to be the best yet. Interestingly enough, however, Mad Hatter looked to be the focal point of the third episode – judging by last week's promo at least – but the teased baddie is nowhere to be seen in any of these clips. Could this mean that viewers will have to wait a bit longer to see Mad Hatter fully in action? Luckily, fans only have to wait a couple more days to find out.

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Gotham continues next Monday with ‘Mad City: Look Into My Eyes’ at 8pm on FOX.

Source: FOX

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