Gotham: Court of Owls 'Extremely Present' in Remainder of Season 3

Kit Flanagan as Kathryn The Court of Owls in Gotham

On FOX, Gotham is one of the few live-acton shows on television to ever tell the story of young Bruce Wayne. While he's a long way from donning the cape and cowl as the Batman on the show right now, it still marks uncharted territory - as the TV series explores the life of the young man who will one day become the Dark Knight.

Last we saw the show, it was airing its winter finale (the second of two, in fact), which saw all hell break loose in Gotham. With Jerome back from the dead, the proto-Joker has turned his sights on Bruce. After their conflict, both emerged resembling their comic book counterparts more, and a more active Bruce Wayne is being teased for the show's return next month. We also got a cliffhanger teasing the continued presence of the mysterious Court of Owls, a shadowy cabal of Gotham elites pulled from the DC comic book lore.

The Court of Owl's plans on Gotham includes a bizarre plot involving a clone of Bruce Wayne, and it looks like the character won't be going away anytime soon. CBR recently spoke with David Mazouz, who plays Bruce on Gotham, and asked if when we'll see the Bruce clone come into play:

"You will see that in the very next episode. The Court of Owls will become extremely present in the last eight episodes. At the center of their plans is Bruce Wayne — Bruce and 514A are instrumental to that plan. Something huge will happen with Bruce and the Court of Owls that will change him forever and ultimately help transform him into the man we know he has to become."

Gotham Season 3 - Bruce Wayne Doppelganger

514A is the designation of the faux Bruce, and it looks as if he'll be key to the Court of Owls and their plans for the future vigilante. As for the big transformation, many fans have long been hoping to see Bruce shift into his role as warrior and detective on Gotham. Though he's still young, any hints as to his future are always greatly appreciated. As the show heads into the final stretch of its third season, it looks as if the Court of Owls will push Bruce towards his destiny. When ask what to expect when the show returns, Mazouz was pretty emphatic:

"Court of Owls. Court of Owls. Court of Owls. The last eight episodes are going to be very heavily Court of Owls. They have a plan. As I said, Bruce is going to be at the center of their plans. They do something to him that goes back to the very beginning of the show. It’s something I would say is emotional, but it’s beyond that. It shakes the core of Bruce’s being. He’ll never be the same. It will transform him, and that’s going to be his arc in the last eight episodes."

His comments about being changed emotionally echo a statement he made awhile back about the effect the Court will have on Bruce. Meanwhile, James Remar has shown up as Gordon's father and a surrogate for the Court. It looks as if the detective will also be getting pulled into the Courts plans. We also recently learned that R'as al Ghul will be coming to Gotham as the leader of the Court, conflating more comic book lore in an effort to show just how serious the looming threat is.

On top of the new villains, a number of existing characters will be coming into their own this season. Selina Kyle is starting to become more properly Catwoman-like, when it comes to her personality. The Riddler, meanwhile, will begin to physically look like he does in the comics, according to a promo for Gotham's return. And if that wasn't enough, we've heard the show's version of Harley Quiin arrives in the season 3 finale. Now the only question is whether or not Jerome is actually the Joker of the Gotham universe.

Gotham continues on April 24 with ‘How the Riddler Got His Name’ at 8 pm on FOX.

Source: CBR

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