Gotham Clip Teases Evolution of Batman; New Cast Photos Released

A new TV spot for Gotham Season 2 offers fans a tease of what to expect, and a gallery of cast photos introduces new characters.

Gotham David Mazouz Bruce Wayne

As the second season of Gotham approaches, the FOX drama is making more and more promises in an effort to lure in fans. Dubbed the 'Rise of the Villains', Season 2 has promised more focus on the most interesting aspect of the show so far: its rogues gallery. Now, with a brand new TV spot, the show offers us hints at what’s to come with one of its heroes.

The latest teaser shows us a glimpse of billionaire orphan Bruce Wayne’s (David Mazouz) eventual transformation into Batman, as he and his caretaker Alfred (Sean Pertwee) explore a cave, presumably beneath Wayne manner. This is suggestive of a remarkable leap forward for the character over the coming season, with the possible introduction of Batman's secret home base. The short clip shows us little, but it’s enough to send the imagination running with possibilities. Bruce and Alfred descend what appears to be a long forgotten staircase into a subterranean setting. The duo are confronted with an ornate steel door, locked, it seems, with a keypad entry. “You can’t have the truth,” Bruce says in a voiceover, reaching for the keypad, “unless you have a true calling.”

Hopefully, this means that the show has finally figured out what to do with young Bruce, whose presence in Season 1 was quite often the least interesting aspect of the show. Gotham always seemed to be at its best in its first year when showcasing the relationship between Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) in their quest to clean up Gotham City, or while focusing on Penguin’s (Robin Lord Taylor) rising star in the criminal underworld. The plots that involved Bruce, however, too often felt perfunctory, with too much meandering to make any real impact on the show at large.

Aside from the TV spot, we also got some new promotional character shots from the upcoming season (courtesy of SpoilerTV), including a better look at Michael Chiklis (The Shield) as Captain Barnes and Chris Chalk (12 Years a Slave) as Lucius Fox, who joins the cast this year as a regular after a single appearance near the end of last season. The addition of Chiklis and the larger role for Chalk bode well for Gotham, after the initial season was divisive among fans and is in desperate need of winning back the hearts and minds of many after a floundering end to its inaugural year. The two are joined by fellow newcomers James Frain (True Blood) and Jessica Lucas (Gracepoint) as Theo and Tabitha Galvan.

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Bruce Wayne

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Alfred Pennyworth

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Barbara Keane

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Butch

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Harvey Dent

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Harvey

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Jim Gordon

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Leslie Thompkins

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Lucius Fox

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Michael Chiklis

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Oswald Cobblepot

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Selina Kyle

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Theo Galvan

Gotham Season 2 cast photo - Tigress

Additional images show the returning cast looking more or less about how we left them. Notable is Camren Bicondova’s new promo shot as a young Selina Kyle. The actress looks to be growing into the role and, if the image is any indication, seems more comfortable in her Catwoman skin. The promotional images also feature Nicholas D’Agosto’s Harvey Dent, who returns from last season. Noticeably missing is Corey Michael Smith’s Edward Nygma, who took his first steps toward becoming The Riddler as Season 1 drew to a close.

With the promise of more focus on Gotham City’s villainous underground, the addition of some new blood to the cast, and the growth of Bruce Wayne as a character, Season 2 of Gotham has the potential to tower over its predecessor to become the Batman show we all deserve. It won’t take much for the show to be better than it has been, and the tiniest push more could send it over the edge into actual greatness.

Gotham Season 2 premieres Monday, September 21 at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

Source: SpoilerTV

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