'Gotham': Natalie Alyn Lind To Play Silver St. Cloud In Season 2

Natalie Alyn Lind to join Gotham cast for season 2

Fox's Gotham partly centers on the evolution of Ben McKenzie's James Gordon, tracking him from his early days as a rookie detective to eventually becoming the Commissioner of Gotham City. However, in many ways, the show is more of an ensemble piece, with several key characters from the Batman mythos making up the supporting cast (like Robin Lord Taylor's Penguin and David Mazouz's Bruce Wayne).

With Season two shifting focus to the rising group of villains in Gotham, the ensemble cast of the series is growing even larger. In the second season, Theo and Tabitha Galavan will arrive in Gotham to stir even more trouble than usual. Played by James Frain (True Blood) and Jessica Lucas (Gracepoint), the sibling-duo has an unforgiving itinerary that they plan to carry out by using their power and influence. Combined with the fact that Tabitha is a new version of the DC villain Tigress, an expert marksman, their presence could prove lethal.

Frain and Lucas won't be the only ones joining Gotham for Season two. Both Morena Baccarin and Chris Chalk, who played Dr. Leslie Thompkins and Lucius Fox, respectively, have been upped to series regulars for season two. In addition, EW is reporting that Gotham has enlisted yet another individual to join the ensemble in the episodes ahead. Namely, Natalie Alyn Lind, who will play Bruce Wayne's young love interest Silver St. Cloud, described as "an ethereal beauty with the pristine manners of a Gotham debutante."

Alyn Lind has previously starred in a recurring role on ABC's The Goldbergs, on which she played Dana Caldwell. Silver St. Cloud has been in Batman comics since the 1970s, dating back to when she made her debut in Detective Comics #470 as a love interest for the Caped Crusader. St. Cloud eventually becomes one of the few to discover Batman's hidden identity, before the two are eventually pushed apart because of Bruce Wayne's secret life as a costume-wearing vigilante.

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Gotham will introduce Lind's Silver St. Cloud as the niece of the aforementioned Theo Galavan, who is going to be running for mayor when season two picks up. St. Cloud thus introduces Bruce to her uncle, leading to Theo becoming a sort-of father figure for Bruce. Silver, on the other hand, is said to have a dark ambition, meaning it would most likely be best for Bruce if he stayed away.

Combine that with the knowledge that Theo has his own sinister plans for Gotham City, and it's clear to see this could be one of the most important storylines that will be included in the episodes that lie ahead. The future is looking bleak for Bruce Wayne, James Gordon and their limited allies in Gotham City, what with the sheer number of supervillains (and/or those citizens with malicious intent) growing by the day...

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Gotham season two begins airing September 21st, 2015 @8PM on FOX.

Source: EW

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