'Gotham' Season 2 Poster & Images: Dark Times Ahead For Gotham City

'Gotham' season 2 banner

A few months before Ben Affleck suits up as a middle-aged Dark Knight in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, viewers will revisit the character's early years when Gotham returns to Fox for season 2. The first season divided fans, but the showrunners are upping the ante significantly with its sophomore year.

We've known for a while that this new season of Gotham will be centered on the rise of a number of classic Batman villains; this is certainly a wise move, seeing as the show's baddies are among its strongest highlights. A recently-unveiled trailer for Gotham season two played up that angle even more, promising that Jim Gordon will be facing some dark days in the future.

Now, courtesy of THR, some new promotional images collect the show's cast, once again touting the "Rise of the Villains" subtitle. In addition to returning regular cast members like Ben McKenzie and Robin Lord Taylor, the poster and accompanying banner include two new faces. As previously reported, James Frain (True Blood) and Jessica Lucas (Gracepoint) are joining the show as Theo and Tabitha Galvan, respectively. Theo is said to a billionaire claiming to want to save Gotham, while his sister Tabitha becomes the supervillain known as Tigress.

Check out photos of both characters, along with the new Gotham season two poster and banner images, below:

'Gotham' season 2 poster

'Gotham' season 2 banner


James Frain as Theo Galvan on 'Gotham'

Jessica Lucas as Tabitha Galvan on 'Gotham'


The Gotham season two poster does a good job of compiling the show's various characters into a single image, but it's the fact that it (literally) center on young Bruce (David Mazouz) entering the cave is what really sells it. Even more impressive, the banner image makes particularly clever use of the cast, which together form a face-laden cityscape that neatly mirrors the Batman logo in shape. Going into season 2, Gotham is really honing in on paving the road for Batman's eventual arrival on the scene, and the increased threat the city faces is an undeniable part of that.

Although some Bat-fans may have already rejected the revisionist history that Gotham offers, season 2 looks like it could take the action far darker than before, bringing in more fan-favorite heroes and villains than ever before. Moreover, the "rise of the villains" theme could allow this season's narrative to venture into Empire Strikes Back territory. As Harvey Dent once said, "The night is darkest just before the dawn." It's about time Gotham really started to reflect that.

Gotham season two starts airing Monday, September 21, 2015 on Fox.

Source: THR

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