'Gotham': Harvey Dent Added as Series Regular For Season 2

Nicholas D'Agosto Gotham 2

With Bruce Wayne still battling adolescence, Gotham managed to draw in plenty of viewers not with the promise of a caped, crusading hero - but his future rogues gallery. Watching the colorful characters show hints of the supervillains they will one day become is as compelling as it is tortuous (or torturous) - and the writers know it, too, drowning viewers with on-the-nose easter eggs, tongue-in-cheek references, and a slow burn development.

It's quite ironic, considering the show survives exactly because fans want it to end - or, at least, to see it end - and see the metamorphosis of its characters completed. On the back of news that Gotham is looking to cast two new DC villains for season two - in addition to greater emphasis being placed on Joker and Riddler's story lines, as well as the introduction of Clayface and Mad Hatter - the show's very own Nicholas D'Agosto has confirmed via Twitter that he will return as a series regular come fall.

While casual viewers know D'Agosto simply as the charming district attorney Harvey Dent, comic fans know him as the future bipolar criminal mastermind, Two-Face. Season one introduced Dent in the former half of the season, forging early on his valiant alliance with James Gordon and cementing his ambitious desire to rid Gotham of corruption and crime - to become its much needed "White Knight."

And last we saw him in "Everyone Has a Cobblepot", he was directly acting on that desire, teaming up with Gordon to take down corrupt Commissioner Loeb.

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