Gotham Season 2 Image Teases Bruce Wayne's 'Not-Batcave'

Gotham Bruce Wayne at Wayne Enterprises

Villains may be rising in season 2 of Gotham, but its future dark knight in not-so-shiny armor will be falling - or more accurately, descending. After already (arguably the series mantra) teasing Bruce Wayne's penchant for detective work, daring stunts, and crime fighting, the first season ended with the young hero already (see?) discovering what will eventually become the Batcave.

Of course, as of right now the mysterious lair is concealing more secrets than it is batarangs - secrets tied to Bruce's late father, Thomas Wayne, and his own potentially vigilante-driven agenda. The second season plans on diving cowl-first into the exploration of said secrets, which will have a significant effect on more than just the Wayne family.

While speaking with TV Insider - which debuted an exclusive photo of the secret enclave (see below) - actor David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) revealed the importance of the cave's discovery, and its residual effects on the entire series.

It changes everything in Bruce’s life. It changes how he sees Alfred, the criminal side of Gotham, even how he sees his parents.

Indeed, it would seem the entire first season had been leading up to Bruce's discovery, with plot threads hinting at corruption within Wayne Enterprises and a conspiracy behind the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The cave will no doubt provide some answers - or, at the very least, clues - as to the reason behind said deaths, continuing Bruce on his very first quest for justice (or vengeance).

That said, like Bruce's pre-Batman crusade, everything tied to the cave will be exactly that: pre or before Batman (B.B.). "It’s definitely not the Batcave,” Mazouz cautioned. “What is down there are clues to Thomas Wayne’s secret life and what he was trying to do before being killed.

Gotham Season 2 Batcave

Mazouz's heed regarding the use and purpose of the cave should put some fans' minds at ease. To say the first season of Gotham was divisive - by critical and fan standards alike - would be a gross understatement. While elements such as Robin Lord Taylor's colorful portrayal of Oswald Cobblepot and Jada Pinkett Smith's vampish yet venomous Fish Mooney received praise, the series became notorious for its flimsy tone/plotlines, lack of appreciation for the source material, and uninhibited impatience. For a show supposedly about origins, Gotham was originating too quickly, introducing viewers to an entire roster of iconic characters and villains, already nearly fully-formed in their iconicism.

Fortunately, it's clear the writers will not make the same mistake with the Batcave; however, what isn't clear is the direction the show will take regarding Thomas Wayne's "secret life." Speculation has pointed in multiple directions, painting the patriarch as both a crusading vigilante-type, himself - opposing the growing corruption in Wayne Enterprises - and a Machiavellian businessman at the head of said corruption. Whatever the case, it seems Gotham is taking inspiration from a recent comic book story arc, Batman R.I.P.

Batman R.I.P. comic book cover art
'Batman R.I.P.' comic book cover art

Written by Grant Morrison, Batman R.I.P. pits the Batman against a secret organization known as the Black Glove as it attempts to destroy everything for which he stands. The Black Glove discredits Thomas and Martha Wayne as the good citizens they were known as, revealing photographs that indicates the two were actually perverted drug addicts and criminals. While the evidence is eventually proven fraudulent, the scandal nearly destroys Bruce Wayne's reputation - and Batman's psyche. As such, Gotham could very well be setting up a pseudo-Black Glove with the Wayne Enterprises board members and their attempts to silence the young Bruce, without actually having to kill him.

Certainly Gotham has plenty of source material to work with, but the catch is that most of said material comes years after the show is supposed to take place. It will be interesting to see, moving forward, how the writers continue to develop the villains and further hint at (or hit us on the head with) Bruce's caped-and-cowled future.


Gotham season 2 premieres Monday, September 21 at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

Source: TV Insider

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