'Gotham': Scarecrow Coming Sooner Rather Than Later

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Back in November, word broke the producers of Fox’s Gotham were planning on introducing a young-Scarecrow into the series. However, information on when that would occur has been scarce… until now.

According to CBM, Scarecrow will make his debut on the episode airing February 2nd titled “The Fearsome Dr. Crane.”

Said the outlet concerning the episode:

[Jim] and Bullock will be hunting down "a killer who targets victims with severe phobias"

Given last year’s pick-up by Fox of the series to an expanded 22-episode season from the originally ordered 16, the writers do need to find more ways to fill story, and one of the ways of doing that is to continue laying the foundation of what will one day become the Batman Rogues Gallery.

However, Scarecrow is a tricky one; without his mask, he’s just ordinary Dr. Jonathan Crane, and based on the explanation from CBM (which broke the news) - mixed with statements made by the producers back in November - it’s possible this killer isn’t Crane but someone connected to him.

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Remember, originally the announcement of Scarecrow included clarification that it would be another young actor in the role, thus meaning it’s kind of hard for that child to also be a doctor - despite what the title implies. However, given the series' recent plot trajectory, it’s possible that the “fearsome Dr. Crane” in question isn’t the actual Scarecrow we know, but someone related to him – a parent, uncle or aunt perhaps. Regardless, though, there’s only so much we can assume without actually seeing the episode itself.

Gotham Series Premiere - Cobblepot, Mooney

For Fox, Gotham’s a decent success, especially in the realm of time shifted viewing. But, for producing studio Warner Bros., the series is a massive hit that already has a highly lucrative Netflix deal signed for the current and future seasons of the show. With that awareness of its profit potential, you can bet Warner Bros. will be doing whatever it can to make sure Fox keeps the series on the air - and that’s going to mean expanding the world of the show in order to continue giving fans what they want.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

Source: CBM

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