Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor: Season 4 Finale Goes "Extra Apocalyptic"

Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot Penguin in Gotham

Gotham actor Robin Lord Taylor has promised an extra dose of the apocalyptic ahead of the show's upcoming season four finale. Currently, Gotham is in the midst of a crime spree at the hands of Jeremiah Valeska, who is proving to be even more deranged than his brother Jerome. The villain - who is to all intents and purposes Gotham's Joker - saw his plan to bomb Gotham City to its foundations thwarted in last week's episode, but took out some of his frustration by waltzing into the seemingly security-free Wayne Manor and shooting Selina Kyle directly in front of young Bruce.

The season four finale is tellingly titled "No Man's Land" and will likely be inspired by the Batman comic of the same name. This particular story saw Gotham City hit by a massive Earthquake which results in all routes in and out being cut off, while the City's various criminals struggle for control of the new apocalypse-like landscape. Of course, Batman eventually manages to set Gotham back on track by teaming with Jim Gordon and the GCPD.

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Gotham's Penguin actor has now given some hints as to what fans can expect in the finale episode. Speaking with ComicBook, Robin Lord Taylor claims:

"You know, it's pretty much apocalypse. We've all sort of decided that's where Gotham City is going after the wrath of Jeremiah. That's so exciting to all of us because then, in an apocalyptic scenario, all of the power structures shift. Certain people fall out, some people come back. You know, it'll be interesting to see where Oswald lands in all of that, as it will be interesting for any of the other characters. I think, as if Gotham wasn't apocalyptic enough, we're going extra apocalyptic, you know?"

Gotham - Jeremiah becomes The Joker

Taylor certainly isn't mistaken when he suggests Gotham has history of apocalyptic scenarios. Every other week, it feels as if the city is in mortal peril at the hands of some unstable new villain and only on a few occasions have any real consequences come about as a result. It's reassuring then, that Taylor is promising a step-up in the stakes for the season four finale.

It also certainly sounds like Gotham is going ahead with the "No Man's Land" story arc. Although it's somewhat unlikely that a random Earthquake will be the cause of the disorder - expect Jeremiah to take up that mantle - it seems as if the show will adapt the concept of having Gotham City cut off from the outside world with its resident criminals attempting to carve up control. Unfortunately for the city, Gotham's Batman is unlikely to be as much help as his comic counterpart, since the show's Bruce Wayne is still a fledgling crime-fighter, but it'll be interesting to see to what extent he teams up with Jim Gordon in restoring order to the city.

Of course, Gotham was recently renewed by Fox for a fifth and final season so things are unlikely to get too apocalyptic in the season four finale. However, the concluding episode of this run may set up a scenario that'll form the basis for Gotham's final season.

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Gotham season four concludes with "No Man's Land" May 17th on Fox.

Source: Comicbook

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