'Gotham' Introduces Masked Mayhem with The Red Hood Gang

Gotham has managed to find footing with the masses - even if the more hardcore DC Comics fanbase still sees it as a bastardized Batman origin knockoff. For those who are NOT so connected to the specific details of Bruce Wayne's formative years, the show has offered a slightly larger-than-life playground (populated with colorful characters) and more nuanced explorations of events that will one day shape Batman's world.

In recent weeks, we've learned how Robin's parents first got together; how a deranged and abusive father did damage that created The Scarecrow; and even how The Joker first popped his murder cherry in a dark, disturbing way. Now we're about to see how criminals really took things to a theatrical level, thanks to the introduction of the Red Hood Gang.

Gotham TV Red Hood Episode

In DC comics, The Red Hood is an iconic part of the Batman mythos. The three major Red Hood milestones are as such:

  1. The Red Hood was an early criminal alias The Joker used, leading to the accident that scarred him.
  2. The Red Hood was also Robin II, Jason Todd, resurrected from the dead as a murderous vigilante stalking Batman.
  3. The Red Hood was an actual gang as in the preview above. In DC's 2011 comic reboot, a young Bruce Wayne (not yet Batman) targets and infiltrates the gang.

As the featurette above explains, Gotham is using the gangland version of Red Hood in order to introduce the idea of infamous masked criminals running the city's streets. So far the show has mostly used regular criminals (albeit with larger-than-life personalities) as tamer versions of the villains we know plague Batman on a daily basis. "Masks" have been a running theme in Batman comics and movies for years; ergo, it's a natural obligation that Gotham would have to trace how more theatrical villainy started in the city.

Gotham Season 1 Episode 17 Red Hood Preview

Using the Red Hood Gang is a sensible way to start that story, as the gang walks the line between being traditional and theatrical at the same time. The fact that anybody can be under that red hood (or somebody surprising) is to villainy what the idea of anybody being Batman is to upstanding citizens. A symbol, young Mr. Wayne...

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Gotham airs episode 17, "Red Hood" tonight @8pm on Fox.

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