Gotham: Professor Pyg Debuts in New Promo & Images

A new promo and still images for next week's episode of Gotham serve as the debut for villain Professor Pyg. It is safe to say there will be no shortage of villains in the next several outings of the Fox series, with the arrival of one of Batman's most ruthless antagonists imminent.

Not long after viewers got their first encounter with the terrifying Solomon Grundy, Gotham is gearing up to once again introduce fans to a new character that will wreak havoc on the famed DC city. Professor Pyg will be portrayed by the Tony Award-winning actor Michael Cerveris, who has an extensive résumé that includes notable parts in Fringe, The Good Wife, and Amazon's The Tick. Now, his latest gig sees him causing commotion in the Ben Mackenzie-led show.


Fox released a preview for next week's "Hog Gone Wild" (watch it above), giving viewers an inkling as to what kind of terror Professor Pyg will bring to Gotham City. The 30-second spot sees the city terrorized by a series of killings, where the disturbed new villain sadistically puts the heads of dead pigs on his deceased victims.

Aside from the teaser, the network also released a slew of promotion stills for the episode. The fresh batch focuses mainly on Jim Gordon, as he tries to crack Pyg's modus operandi with the aid of his cohorts. Unfortunately, it does not seem like the new foe will be as easy to nab as Gordon may have expected. Other bits that fans can expect from the outing include the trio of Lee Thompkins, Riddler, and Solomon Grundy finding a new home, while Sofia continues her pursuit to win Penguin's trust. Check out the photos in the gallery below:

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In the pages of the comic books, Professor Pyg - also known as Lazlo Valentin - is a longtime nemesis of Batman. He is most notably known for donning a porcine mask and being the leader of the Circus of Strange. His schizophrenic nature makes him more frightening, and he's considered one of the most insane villains the Caped Crusader has ever faced. While it's unknown how Gotham will spin Pyg's story, we can expect that the crazy antagonist is not going away anytime soon, as he is expected to be the center of an upcoming multi-episode arc making Gordon's life a lot of difficult - especially with Nygma and Grundy already being a handful.


Gotham airs every Thursday night, 8 pm ET on Fox.

Source: Fox

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