Gotham: Ivy Will Gain Poison Ivy Powers in Season 4

Gotham season 3 - Maggie Geha as Poison Ivy

Maggie Geha's Ivy will gain her iconic comic book Poison Ivy powers in Gotham season 4, though she won't complete her transformation into the full-blown supervillain from the comics just yet. The character has had an interesting ride on the series so far: Clare Foley originally played the role as a young peer to Camren Bicondova’s Selina Kyle, but ahead of Gotham season 3 the role was recast, with Geha stepping in to play an older version.

Gotham season 4 will see numerous characters inching closing to their comic book counterparts: David Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne has already donned a proto-Batsuit, continuing his transition into Gotham’s Dark Knight; Drew Powell’s Butch Gilzan will return shortly, reborn as the reanimated villain Solomon Grundy; and Ivy will gain actual superpowers, fans have now learned. Up until now, Ivy had to use botany, smarts, and her womanly wiles to commit crimes.

Recently on the show, Ivy took numerous potions and began some sort of changing process. And now, in a new interview with, executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt has offered some insight into what will happen next in her arc, as the evolution from Ivy Pepper to Poison Ivy continues. "Without saying specifically which ones, I would say it's fair to say that her powers are going to increase and gain in their canonical way," Wynbrandt teased.

Gotham Season 3 - Adult Poison Ivy

Although he didn’t want to completely spoil the surprises ahead, Wynbrandt did add that, with these new powers, there will come a physical transformation:

"We're not going to go full green, but we are going to transform Ivy in a way that we think the audience won't expect, but that is pushing her along her development to becoming the Ivy that everyone knows from the comic book. Staying true to our origin storytelling, we're not going to get quite that far with her where she's the green ivy, but she's definitely going to change."

This promises to be an exciting arc for the faithful DC fans that have stuck with this show while many others have switched off, giving Gotham season 4 the series' worst ratings yet. It will be interesting to witness whether Ivy gains the power to control plants with her mind, and to learn what her physical rebrand will entail.

However, there is a downside to this news: fans will have to wait a while for Ivy's upgrade to happen. Wynbrandt explained that the transformation won’t take place early on in the season, saying, "She's going to be away for a while [...] We kind of are ramping up to her becoming a larger player in later episodes." Fans who can’t wait to see Ivy evolve will just have to be patient.

Gotham airs Thursdays on FOX.


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